Click, Click, Click, of her high heels echoed on the dark empty street. All is quiet. The only life form is a dark-haired woman wearing a short dark skirt and heels.


She whirled around, looking for the source of the snapping. Nothing. Emptiness. She was about to turn around when she saw a car, moving slowly towards her. All lights off. She flew around and ran. Ran as fast as she could and ducked into an alley. Bad move! A dead-end!

She frantically looked all over for somewhere, anywhere to hide.

Trapped! Like a rat in a maze. Trapped. She heard a slam and turned back to the entrance of the alley. The dark form of a man was the only thing visible. With every retreating step, He advanced. She whimpered and moved backward until she hit the wall. He towered over her. She just barely came to His strong, broad shoulders.

Her breaths came in gasps, and she choked on a sob when He reached out and wrapped His strong fingers around her throat. He brought His face within scant inches of her face. She could feel His warm breath on her face as she stated into hard, unforgiving dark eyes, darker than His hair. He looked a little familiar.

Finally, finding her voice, she spoke in a quivering voice, “Wh-what do You want with m-me?”

In a deep, thick voice, he replied clearly, “you, law woman. Sixteen years ago, you put me in jail, and now you will answer to me. I will make you submit to me. Use you. And Discard you like the useless slut you are. You will make up for those six lonely years. You will heed to me!”

And He gripped her wrist and jerked her hard up against His body. Cold black eyes stared into frightened blue ones. He tangled His hand in the back of her long black hair and tugged her head back to look up at Him. He lowered His mouth and took hers, hard, demanding meeting soft, pliant ones. Marc increased the pressure and thrust His tongue into her mouth, ravishing it.

Feeling her go weak and moan, He sneered and pulled her to His side, slipping His arm around her waist, holding her there, so if anyone looked upon them, they would think them, lovers.

Walking toward the entrance, He looked about. His eyes set upon the black limo and pulled her toward it. He pulled open the door and shoved her in onto the seat, and His body followed.

“Daniel, take Us back to the house. Make it fast,” He demanded.

“Who-who are You?” she asked nervously.

In the dim moonlight, she saw Him grin.

“Sixteen years ago, I appeared in court. I told my case and pleaded not guilty. But you swayed the votes with your pretty smile and lawyer voice. You had them so enchanted they convicted me. Sixteen long years I have waited to get my revenge. Marc Taylor. Son of James Taylor, millionaire.”

She was about to remark when the car stopped, and the driver announced they were home. He tugged her wrist and beside Him into the lighted doorway of a large house. He opened the door and pulled her as if she were a naughty child. They didn’t stop until they climbed two flights and stopped at a closed door. He flung open the door and shoved her in, locking the door behind Him.

“Now, you will submit to me, you little cunt.” He sneered. He approached her, and as she retreated, she fell backward onto the king-size bed. She whimpered with fear and looked up into His steel-gray eyes.

“P-please, Marc, can’t W/we think this over? You don’t have to do this. You can let me go, and I won’t tell anybody. You—“

He tossed His head back and let out a howl of laughter before looking back at her, a broad smile on His face.

“No, bitch, you are My slave, and I will use you. Now. Kneel before Me and unzip My pants.”

She opened her mouth in protest, and Marc backhanded her hard across her face.

“Now, slut,” He commanded as He reached down, grabbing a fist full of hair and yanking her from the bed. She cried out in pain, and one hand grabbed onto the hand that held her hair. He forced her to the floor at His feet and held her there.

“Unzip My pants and take My cock out, bitch.”

He forced her head into the front of His pants, and as she began to cry, He watched with amusement as she unzipped His jeans. Tentatively, she reached into His pants with one hand until she touched His hard length. She jumped, and He laughed.

“Take it out, cunt,” He ordered with a steely voice.

She reached into His pants sobbing and encountered His hard member and encircled it. She felt Him tighten, and she pulled His engorged cock out.

She started at His huge cock and looked up at Marc. Marc leaned down and wrapped His hand in her hair, yanking her head back to rest on the bed. He moved closer; His thighs parted over her body. He pushed His cock at her lips, waiting for her to open and receive Him. She didn’t move; just pressed her lips together.

“Open up, Bitch.” When she didn’t move, He slapped her hard with His hard cock. She yelped in protest, and He thrust into her hot and wet mouth. He thrust into her mouth until she took all His eleven inches, gagging in the process. He sneered and rocked His hips into her mouth. Marc kept pushing, getting harder as she gagged on His length. Every so often, He smacked her hard against her face before finally spilling His hot seed into her mouth.

He pulled back and put His limp cock away and zipping His pants up. He stared down at the helpless girl at His feet.

“you know that you like that, you little cunt. Take your clothes off now, bitch.” She looked up at Him, whimpering before standing and pulling her clothes off. Soon she stood naked before Him, her creamy white breasts spilling out, her long legs shaking, then His gaze dropped to her pubic mound. Dark hair curled there, hiding her femininity. She stood before Him naked and trembling, a blush coming to her face in her humiliation.

Marc smiled wickedly and gripped her upper arm tightly, making her cry out in pain. He led her to His bathroom and pushed her shoulders down to sit on the edge of the rub. Rummaging through His medicine cabinet, Marc finally pulled out a razor. When she saw this, she began to sob. He filled the sink up with water and reached down to soap her pubic mound. She was shocked at His intention to shave her, and she began to cry louder. He smacked her with a soapy hand.

“Quiet, cunt!” He ordered in a steely voice. She then felt a scratching at her pubic mound. His razor went over her mound, shaving her bald. When He got father down to her virgin hole, He shoved a finger into her hole roughly. She cried out at the new feeling and from the pain. When He was done, and she looked down, her sensitive mound was bleeding slightly from the nicks of the razor, and she was hairless.

Marc rose after He washed her off and dragged her back to the bedroom.

“Lay on My bed, bitch, spread your arms and legs out,” her captor said.

She obediently scrambled onto the bed, her face tear-streaked. She spread her arms and legs out like He said and awaited His next order looking at Him. He moved across the room and tied her arms and legs spread out to the bed. Then stood back to examine His captive.

He pulled His shirt over His head, revealing His muscled chest. Dark hair lightly covered His chest. He then reached for His pants and shoved them down, taking His boxers with Him. His erection sprang forth, finally free, and He approached the bed. He fell atop her, none so gently, jeering down at His captive. He smacked her a few times across Her face and breasts, getting harder as she screamed and pulled at the restraints holding her. His pulsing cock pushed at her entrance. His hand moved down to pinch her nipple and to twist them roughly. She cried harder each time, trying to get free with no prevail.

He moved down the bed to sit between her legs. His hand pinched her lips and smacked her newly shaven mound. She screamed loud when He bit her nipples hard.

He got up when He was done and untied the crying girl. He gripped her upper arm tightly and pulled her to the door at the side of the room. It led down some stairs deep under the house. Cold air rushed up her naked body making her nipples tighten. He laughed at this. At the bottom, she looked around to see the room lit up. What she saw frightened her.

There was a rack of whips on the wall, Chains hanging from the walls, a four-poster bed, two columns each had four metal cuffs attached to them, and a examine table with holes in various places.

He first led her to the examining table and forced her to lay down on it. He spread her legs on the part of the table that was used for holding her legs apart and took thick leather straps and strapped her there. Then He moved up to her waist and placed a strap tightly against her stomach. He uses the arm spreader to spread her arms out far apart and strapped her wrists there. Then the final belt was her forehead. He pulled it tight so that her head was immobile.

He stood back to admire His work. She looked just like she did when she was strapped eagle style to His bed. So many uses and new experiences He had for her. He moved to the table and pushed in a lever under the table. This made the table stand upwards, still holding her tight to it.

His cock was hard and straining, ready to inflict pain on her and use her. He moved to the rack where the whips were held and selected a specific one. This one with the braided handle was specifically used for inflicting harsh pain, but not harsh enough to make you bleed. He was getting the point across to her.

He moved to stand in front of her and study her. Her eyes were wide with fright; she was crying hard and shaking. He swung the whip down on her thigh hard…CRACK. Her body jerked, and more tears welled up as she screamed from the pain. He left her to get used to the feel before bringing another CRACK on her other thigh. He kept doing this, bringing welts to her thighs, breasts, and arms until she wore red stripes across her body.

Her nipples were red and sticking out, and her thighs were quivering. He went to His shelf and pulled nipple clamps off it and approached her with a sarcastic smile.

Laughing at her cries, He put the clamps on her nipples and twisted the tab until they were tight. Then He gave it a little tweak, and smiled at her screams. His hand reached down between her thighs, and He inserted two fingers into her tight tunnel. She was hot and wet, just like He thought.

“your body betrays you, slut.” He stated and laughed loudly.

He stood before her and pressed His body against hers and laughed when she made a sound of disgust.

“Say that you want Me to fuck you, bitch” She didn’t reply, and He twisted her nipple harder.

“I want You! I want You!” she cried out. He sneered and placed His cock between her legs at her entrance. He bit her neck as He thrust into her pussy and taking her virgins cherry. She cried out in pain at His entrance and the breaking of her maidenhead. He pumped His cock in and out of her harder and harder, biting and slapping her, laughing when she moaned. When He was done, He pulled out and laughed at her.

He tweaked her nipples again and walked to the table. He pulled two dildos out and walked to the front of her. He placed the thicker blue one into her pussy deep and fast. She yelped and then moaned. He attached the belt for it around her waist and strapped it tight. The fake cock was deep inside of her, and He wiggled it once before backing away. He walked to the back of her and spread her ass cheeks. She began to wail.

Marc thrust the dildo deep inside of her ass with no lubrication, listening to her wails of pain. He knelt and flipped the lever again so that the table was parallel to the ground. He stood and flipped a lever under her head, and her head fell backward, bringing her eyes to face to face with His hard cock.

Marc turned the vibrating dildos on and thrust His cock into her mouth deeply. She began moaning after a while with the feel of the dildos deep inside of her. He kept on thrusting inside of her mouth, making her gag occasionally and flicking her nipples, causing new pain. After He spilled His seed inside of her, He turned the dildos off and pulled the one out of her ass.

He tilted her head back up to normal and tilted the table back upwards. He rocked the dildo in her pussy, and she moaned.

“Do you like that, slut, do you?”

“Y-yes, Sir”

Marc sneered. He had tamed the bitch into submission. He moved behind her to her used anal hole and flipped her pussy vibrator back on. He placed His cock at the entrance of her ass.

“Do you want Me, slut? Do you want Me to fuck your ass hard?”

“Y-yes, Sir, please, fuck my ass hard,” she moaned. With that, He thrust His hard cock deep inside of her and pulled out and plowed back in. Her screams filled the room, making Him harder, and He thrust in and out, reaching around the table to flick her nipples and thrust again. He stiffened and spilled His hot seed into her. He stopped and pulled Himself out. He walked around the table to stand before her, His limp member hanging between His powerful legs.

Marc removed the clamps from her nipples, listening to her scream. He pulled the dildo from her pussy, and He leaned in to take her left nipple into His mouth. She tried to arch into His mouth, but she couldn’t with the straps. His other hand caressed her pussy, shoving a finger into her and wiggling it, making her moan loudly.

He pulled back, making her moan in protest. He unstrapped all the straps from her body, and she fell to her knees before Him. He pulled her to her feet and the bed. There He took her swiftly and forcefully, pulling her hair, biting her, and fucking her with all His power.

When He was done with her, He pulled out of her and laid beside her as she fell asleep beside Him, curling to His body heat. When she awoke, He was standing before her fully clothed? He tossed clothes at her and said nothing. She stared up at Him, question in her eyes of what now.

“Now, you will go back to your life and stay out of Mine. If you so much as even try to bring charges against Me, remember that you begged Me to fuck you. And if I get charges pressed against Me from anything that has to do with you, you will pay when I get out. Understood?”

“yes, Sir,” she said when she found her voice.

“you are a wanton slut. A whore. My personal fuck toys. If you wish, you will remain here with Me. But you must quit your job and submit to Me when I call. Which do you want?”

She sat in silence for a few moments before opening her mouth to answer Him.

“Sir, I am a slut, just as You said. I want You to use and abuse me, Master. Please will You use this worthless cunt?” she begged.

He sneered down at her.

“I have a lot of pain and pleasure for you, slut. I want You to scream loud, for you’ve felt how it hardens Me. you may stay, slut. Now go shave and get back into My bed pronto!”

“yes, Sir,” she said and jumped up to go shave when His hand came out to grip her hair, tugging her back to Him and pulling it back roughly as His mouth came down hard on hers, ravishing her, and thrusting His tongue deep into her mouth. “Kiss My cock, slut.”

She got down on her knees and placed a wet kiss on His cock’s head before running to do His bidding.

“Worthless, cunt,” He sneered.