It started off well, her front door was open, so instead of knocking I just walked in, and there she was kneeling, her head touching the floor. I smiled as I slid off my jacket and hung it to the back of a chair, I went and stood over by her for a few moments, enjoying the view, then grabbing her by the hair I lifted her head and planted a long slow kiss on her lips, my tongue sliding into her mouth.

God I was horny, it had been too long since we were last together, and I knew she was inwardly screaming with frustration, as I had forbidden her to cum for the last two weeks. I had enjoyed teasing her dreadfully on the phone. That did not make her happy, for just the thought of today, with me being there had her squirming in her submissive position.

I stood her up by placing the cane under her chin and lifting. “If you’re not going to keep still I might as well let you stand.” I said gruffly. She lowered her eyes to the floor and blushed, then bit upon her lower lip not sure if she should reply, but smartly she thought better of it.

Slave had dressed in a red teddy high lighting her hour glass body, but I noticed a wet spot had appeared at her crotch and I smiled knowing how bad she was dripping.

I could feel my cock straining at my jeans, enjoying the feeling I kissed her again, “You look beautiful Slave.” I said smiling.

“Thank you sir, and how may I serve you?” she asked.

“Hmmmm a cup of tea I think.” She looked at me disappointingly, hoping I would throw her down and take there and then, but I wasn’t going to give in to her whims, I was going to show her who was in control.

I sat on the couch drinking my tea, deliberately taking my time. I had allowed her to sit next to me, instead of on the floor knowing this was giving her hope that I would take her after finishing my beverage. I put the cup onto the table.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“On your knees your head touching the floor.” I demanded.

Slave pouted and even whimpered before complying with my orders. I grabbed the cane and stood up and rubbed it across her back down to her crotch.

She wiggled her ass against the stick trying to get some relief but I drew it back and wacked her, a welt appeared instantly as the slave tried her best not to cry out. “Tell me what do you want right now?” I asked her.

“Master I want your cock fucking me hard!” She cried. The cane struck her again adding to the welt she already had.

“Wrong answer, try again.”
“But Master that is what I….” Before she could finish her sentence the cane came down twice on her ass.

This time she could not suppress the scream though she cut it short. “Master I do not know what it is you want.”

Without showing any mercy I brought that cane down again then again until five more welts lay across her ass.

The tears fell freely now and I grabbed her hair pulling her head back and licked the tears from her face before kissing her deeply and throwing her back to the floor.

“Come now a novice slave could answer this and you an experienced one cannot? Again I ask what do you want?”

I sat down on the couch again, and told my slave to crawl over to me which she did, until she was laying between my legs and nestling her head in my lap quietly sobbing.

I pulled her up by her hair and kissed her tenderly.
“On your back across my lap.” I ordered.

Once in position I grabbed her hair lifting her head kissing her again, my other hand squeezing and caressing her breasts through her teddy. Then my hand slipped down across her stomach down between her thighs, the heat was incredible.

Rubbing her pussy through the teddy, I could feel the catches, and grabbed them pulling the crotch open roughly. She moaned aloud as the air touched her cunt, then my finger opened her and rubbed up and down her slit.

Again she moaned and reached down to push my hand into her pussy. I pulled it away, “Oh no you don’t!”

I said grabbing her wrists pulling her arms above her head and holding them in place. She looked at me with that little girl pout she gives whenever she doesn’t get her own way. “What is it you want?” I asked her again.

“Master please touch me, ram your fingers into my cunt make me cum for you!” She begged.
“Wrong answer.” I replied and laughed out loud. “You better not cum until I give you permission is that understood?”

Slave bit her bottom lip and nodded as my fingers found their way back to her pussy, then using my thumb and third finger I opened her lips, my middle finger teased brushing quickly back forth across her clit. She thrust her hips up, but I pulled my hand back, giving her a disapproving look before continuing.

Again I opened her, teasing her clit, not letting my fingers slide into her cunt. She was so wet, her moisture dripped freely from her pussy.

She wiggled her hips, her breaths coming short and fast, so I stopped again letting her calm.
“Please!” she sobbed.
“Please what?”
“Please Master.”
“That’s not what I meant, what is it you want?”
“You know sir, put your fingers into me, I need it so bad.”
“No, wrong answer.” Slave pouted again but I continued to tease her clit, letting her get closer and closer, but always stopping short.

She was going insane trying to grab my hand with her thighs, but I always pulled my hand away, then ordered her to open her legs again, when she did, I slapped her hard across her pussy, once, twice three times.

Slave gasped aloud, the tingle of the slaps bringing her right to the point of her climax and she fought desperately not to let go.

Once she had brought herself back she started begging for more but again all I did was tease. Slave was whimpering now.
“It’s not fair!”
“Who said life was fair?” I asked.
“Oh please Master I’m begging you!”

Now I was surprised, Slave always told me she wouldn’t beg, and as that was a challenge I wouldn’t just order her to beg, which was my right, I wanted her to admit she was begging of her own free will. Every time previously I pointed out that she had indeed begged she denied it only admitting she had asked for it.

Now here she was openly admitting she was begging, she was putty in my hands.
“What do you beg for?” I asked “This?” sliding my finger in deep and fast, she gasped out loud then I immediately withdrew it.

“Yes sir, don’t take it out PLEASE!”
“What is it you want?” I repeated.
“I want you to fuck me with your fingers, your cock, anything, just fuck me!”

“Why slave are you horny?”
“You know I am you said I couldn’t cum for the last two weeks and I obeyed though it nearly drove me crazy!”

“Then you’ve been a good girl?”
“Oh yes sir I have!”

“But still you get the answer to the question wrong.” Tears of frustration welled up in slaves eyes, her bottom lip trembled.
“Perhaps I do not understand the question Master,” She whimpered.

“Finally we are getting somewhere.” I said, now think what it is that you want that you should always want?” I asked looking directly into her eyes. Suddenly it was like a light clicked on in Slave’s head.

“What ever my Master desires!” Was her quick response angry with herself for being so stupid.
“At last.” I sighed and with that I slid one finger into her cunt.

“Oh YESSS.” She cried out as I added a second finger, letting them slide in deep and hard. Then a third went in. it was getting so tight but her hips thrusting up to meet my hand. Then I added my little finger and pushed in hard, slowly, sliding in four fingers up to my knuckle.

“Oh GOD!” Slave cried out, feeling my hand filling her so, then I pushed in the thumb. “OH GOD YES!” she cried out, as slowly my hand popped into her pussy up my wrist. “It’s so full, so tight!” she yelled. “Master please, PLEASE let me cum for you, say you desire it please!” She begged and pleaded fighting off her orgasm knowing she was losing.

“Now cum for me, slut.” I whispered as I crunched my hand into a fist which sent her body off in spasms as her body exploded in orgasm I let go of her arms as she immediately grabbed my hand in her pussy and tried to push it even deeper. I kept clenching and unclenching my fist as she screamed, her orgasm turned into another that turned into a tidal wave.

Slave was nearly unconscious when I unclenched my fist. I pulled out the thumb first then finger by finger, this started Slave cumming all over again she unable to help herself. Finally she passed off into sub space her mind finding refuge from all the sensations I had given her.
I didn’t leave her there for too long before I decided it was time to call her back and as her eyes fluttered open, I offered my hand to her and she licked it clean, not wasting a drop of her cum.

Then lifting her head by the hair I kissed her again, my tongue delving deep. “Now what have you learnt today?” I asked stroking her hair.
“That I am a slave that my Masters wants and desires always come before my own. It is what you give to me that I shall truly desire. I have just wanted you so badly these last few weeks.

My body ached for you but that is no excuse for forgetting who I am.” I was pleased with her response and kissed her to show my approval.
“If you carry on like this I will have to start thinking about giving you a name.” I said happily. “Still I think that was a lesson well learnt.”

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