Trigger Warning The following piece of art may be offensive to some people because it contains rape fantasy scene.

Jade was gorgeous, and that was probably why Erik wanted her in the first place. He had always wanted to date a white girl, but he had never actually done it out of respect for all the black women who had warned him not to. He had no reason to turn to a white girl when he had so many black women who could satisfy his needs. The only problem was the undeniable attraction to this perfect girl. Jade had long, dark hair and a perfect body. She had the lightest white skin. He could hardly resist her.

“Hi Erik, how are you?” she called one day as she walked past him on her way to work. He didn’t answer. She was their newest roommate, and though he had complained when his roommates decided to take her in, he was happy she lived with them now. His cock had been aching for her. Her hair was gathered up in a loose bun. She wore a white t-shirt and tight jeans that accentuated her perfect ass. Her ass wasn’t like a black girl’s, and yet he found himself wanting it.

“Erik? Can I help you with something?” she asked.

“Yeah, be my girlfriend,” his eyes met hers, and he wasn’t sure if she would take him seriously after the way he had treated her like she was nothing, and like she didn’t exist. He hated himself for having feelings like this for a white girl, but it was God’s cruel joke on him. She was irresistible to him, and he couldn’t control himself when he was around her.

He sealed the deal with his big, black cock later that night when she got home from work. He held Jade’s legs apart while he stroked her tight, little white pussy with his big, black dick until Jade was begging for mercy. She had never cum so much as his black cock battered her insides with its brutal force. He loved the sounds of anguish and alarm that erupted from Jade when he pounded her pussy too hard. He knew that she couldn’t take much more, but he was hungry. He was greedy and wanted to see how far he could push her before she broke.

Erik didn’t realize how much he wanted to rape her ass until he was on top of her, and she was begging him to stop. She was screaming so loudly, but he kept his hands firmly on her forearms, holding her down as he forced his cock deep into her pussy. He looked down at her face and loved how pretty she was. He had to admit it. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever fucked, and he was fucking her harder than she could take.

“Please! Please. My pussy can’t take anymore! Stop!”

“How about you give me that asshole then, Jade,” he suggested with an evil laugh.

“No! Your cock is way too big. It’s too, though, and way too long. You would destroy my ass,” she explained patiently.

“Lemme just try it.”




“Okay, babe. I respect you. You can trust me,” he told her, and she loosened up and let him kiss her. Their kisses were intense, and he could tell that Jade was every bit as much in love with him as he was with her. He knew that he could get away with what he was about to do even though he knew that it was wrong. Jade would never tell on him, and he needed to get his cock off in her so badly. He wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything.

“Oh, Erik, you feel so good,” she sighed with happiness as Erik added some lube to his giant cock. He massaged her asshole with his fingers, rubbing the lubricant around on the outside of her hole to make sure his cock slid in smoothly.

“Good, baby. I want you to feel good.” Now was the time. He was ready to take her ass, but he knew that he was going to have to do it quickly and smoothly. He pushed his cock firmly against her tightest hole until he felt her sphincter give way. “Oh, my God! Yes!” he screamed as he took her by surprise.

“Nooo! Oh, my God! What are you doing? Stop!” she screamed as she pushed at his shoulders, trying to get him to stop. There was no way he was stopping until he had nutted in her. He held her down by her shoulder with one h, and, and by the neck with the other. Eventually, she stopped fighting and just let it happen.

“Take my black cock in your ass, your stupid white bitch!” he screamed at her. He was possessed by something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. There was hatred and greed inside of him as he took what he wanted from a girl who had completely trusted him. She would never trust again after he was through with her. She fought valiantly until she could no longer fight, and that was when Erik lost complete control. He pounded her little asshole until she was shaking and Cumming beneath him.

He paused. Someone was arriving home. It was probably one of his roommates, and maybe their girlfriends. He looked down at Jade. She was listless and drooling, and something about that was sexy. She had completely given up.

“Erik? You home? We ordered a pizza! We-” The door to his bedroom opened, and his roommate’s eyes got big, and his mouth dropped open. “Erik, what are you doing with that white girl? I thought you only dated black girls. I thought that you…wait, are you fucking her ass?”

“Yeah, buddy. You want a turn in this white bitch’s asshole too? Or maybe her mouth? Take her mouth. We can spit roast her!”

“Nah, man. This is your bitch.”

“Don’t be afraid because she’s a white girl. She sucks some good cock, don’t you, Jade?” Erik willed her to answer and gave her a menacing look that he hoped would inspire her.

She nodded.

“See? She wants it. She loves black cocks, don’t you, Jade?”

“Mmmmm!” She answered, and that was enough for his roommate. He had his cock out and in her mouth in less than a minute. Erik was harder than he had ever been as he and his roommate used Jade’s tight, white body for their sexual pleasure. She was limp like a rag doll, allowing them to pose her, and use it as their personal sex doll.

Erik was shocked at how hard he was fucking her tiny, white ass. She screamed as he fucked deeper and deeper into it, bareback. He loved the feel of her asshole, gripping his cock tightly, and he wondered how many cocks had fucked Jade’s tight ass.

“You want a turn in her ass?” he asked his roommate.

“Yeah, sure.”

They switched places, and Erik could clearly see that his roommate’s cock was even bigger than his. Watching him rip her asshole open with it was a real treat as he slid his cock into Jade’s pussy from underneath. The look on her face would haunt Erik in his dreams for the rest of his life. She looked excited as if she welcomed the pleasure until his dick was all the way inside of her, and the look of pleasure morphed into one of pain. She cried out.

“It’s too big for my ass!” she cried.

“Shhhh,” Erik told her. “This is my friend. You let him plow your ass as hard as he wants to with his big dick, and you take mine in your pussy at the same time. You hear me?”


“You going to take out cocks like a good, little white girl, Jade? You going to cum on them, and beg us for more, you little slut?”

“Oh, my God! There’s so much cock in me!” she screamed, and she was absolutely right. There was way too much black cock stuffed into her tiny, white body, but she still had one hole left, and so as soon as their other roommate came home, they invited him to stuff her mouth full of cock as well. It was a beautiful sight, Jade filled with three big, black cocks, and shoved past the point of comfort.

“You’re a good girl, Jade,” Erik praised her, and that was when he finally came right up inside of her pussy. It was a good orgasm, the kind that he would always remember, and when he was finished, and pulled his cock from her pussy, he was happy to see that his roommate that had been in her mouth moved to her pussy to get some of that for himself. “Give him your white pussy Jade. This is what you were meant for. You are supposed to be a set of white holes for black cocks. You love doing this, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yes, Erik,” she murmured, her features soft and glowing as she took two cocks at once. She was so sexy when she was being a slave for black dicks. He loved how subservient she was, how willing to please. His cock was getting hard again, and so he joined the group again, this time putting his cock in her mouth. She sucked him hungrily, and that was when he realized how horny she really was. She was enjoying this, and that made him happy. He liked the thought of doing things to her against her will, but he also liked the thought of her eventually loving those things, and wanting to do more of them. This seemed like one of those times, and Erik smiled to himself as the roommate in her asshole came hard, dumping his load in her.

The roommate in her pussy was still going, and she was sucking Erik’s cock so well that he wondered if he was hard enough to go back in her ass. He rearranged himself until he was poking his cock into her asshole, this time slowly, and painfully. She winced every time he pushed it past her sphincter, and then pulled it back out. He could tell that what he was doing was irritating her, but he liked fucking with her, and he was enjoying getting a rise out of her. She came hard, her pussy clamping down on his roommate’s cock until she had squeezed every drop of cum from his balls. Erik was the only one still going, and he held her down, pushing her face into the comforter, and pounding her asshole with his cock relentlessly.

“You are made to take black dick in your ass, you little hoe!” Erik screamed in her ear. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Erik, I’m your little white slut. You can fuck me as hard as you want to! Use me! Use me! I’m your white slave! Use my ass!”

Her words were shocking to him, but he liked them. He liked them so much that he spewed another load of cum directly into her bare asshole, dumping all his load until he had that empty, hollow feeling he had been craving for so long. This little white slut had drained him completely.

“Damn, what a slut,” one of his roommate said, shaking his head half in disgust, and a half with respect.

“Yeah, what a little, white slut. We love it, don’t we guys?” he asked them.

“Yeah!” they chorused as Jade beamed with pride. She knew she had all their dicks to herself, and she looked like she wasn’t quite done with them all. Erik was shocked. He’d never been with a white girl before, and so he had no idea what BBC did to these girls. He didn’t realize that he had unleashed a monster inside of Jade. From this point on she would seek out only black cocks. She would become a Queen of Spades, and only fuck black dicks for the rest of her life, reserving her white pussy for black cocks, and nothing else.