Dan took a look around the diner. It was dark outside. The dusty road was desert for a long stretch. Summer was running out, but the air was still pleasantly warm. Only four customers were left. There was Ronnie, a huge black farmer in his early thirties who lived alone and dined at Dan’s almost every night. Frank, forty, a thin, tall, sinewy grease-monkey, with his twin brother Jeff, pretty regular customers. And then there was Annie, the truck driver. Well, she was not a “regular,” but Dan did not think she will bailout. He actually hoped the opposite would happen since she was a nice piece of ass.

Dan grinned and went to the door, locked it, put the “Closed” sign on, and then shut all the blinds. Frank and Jeff chuckled. Ronnie put on a shit-eating grin. Annie looked a bit puzzled, but she caught a whiff that something interesting was about to happen, so she finished the rest of her chili con carne and gulped down the cold beer.

When Kelly entered the room, all eyes fixed on her. She stopped in the kitchen doorway. She was trembling, mascara running down her cheeks, her blonde hair in a ponytail. She held a giant dog bowl in her hands, and she wore only a skimpy white apron, black stiletto heels, and a red dog collar.

“Come on,” Dan said.

Kelly made a few steps forward, leaned, and put the bowl in the middle of the floor. When she straightened up, she glanced at Annie. The woman’s mouth was sealed shut, but her eyes were sparkling. She liked the show, apparently. Kelly looked straight in front of her and started speaking with an unsteady voice.

“The vegetable soup has gone cold. I am in charge of keeping it warm. So Dan wanted to teach me a lesson. He made me strip, go on all fours, ass up in the air… and he slid a big funnel in my… in my asshole. Thank you, Dan, for applying olive oil. Dan poured in the cold soup. Then…”

Kelly removed the apron in a single move. All eyes scanned her head to toe, slowed down on her firm tiny breasts, and stopped on her shaven mound. The girl sighed, turned her back to her audience, then bent over.

A carrot protruded from her anus, leaves and everything.

Kelly continued: “Then he put the carrot in, to make sure I did not spill any of it. It has been sitting inside me for half an hour now, and it is giving me excruciating cramps, and it burns because of all the chili. Now I have permission to eat it in front of you all.”

She squatted over the dog bowl and reached behind her with one hand to grab the carrot. As soon as the tip of the carrot left her asshole, a stream of soup began to flow with loud noises. Kelly remained in that obscene position grimacing until the last drop hit the bowl, almost filled to the brim. Her anus was puckered and red. She stood up and turned to face the party of five. Dan was grinning while the others were mouth agape.

Tears began running down Kelly’s cheeks. She moved the carrot to her mouth. Brownish streaks were visible along the orange shaft. Kelly opened her mouth and let the giant vegetable slip between her lips and teeth. She bit the carrot and started chewing. A rivulet from her butthole trickled on the inside of her thigh.

The room was so silent she could hear her heartbeat while the uninviting smell of the soup filled the air. Kelly gave one last byte and the carrot was gone. She chewed and gulped down, then used the leaves to wipe her ass and threw them in a corner. She looked with pleading eyes at her husband. He stood there like a statue. She lowered her head, defeated, then went on her knees and elbows and began lapping up the foul liquid.

Dan spoke to the customers.

“Ok, lady and gentlemen… while Kelly here is having her dinner, you can enjoy her however you like. That’s how much we care for our customers in this restaurant. Just remember: her backdoor is exclusively mine.”

Frank and Jeff stood up and went straight to where the beautiful blonde was performing her little show. They circled her a couple of times and then undressed. Frank went first. He kneeled down behind the waitress, parted Kelly’s labia with his fingers, and slid his long thin cock inside her. She continued lapping while Frank grabbed her by the waist and began pumping. Kelly shivered and tried not to stop eating the soup.

Jeff stroke his dick, getting ready for his turn. He did not have to wait long. Frank stiffened, groaned, and climaxed with a final thrust, which caused Kelly to lose her balance for an instant and dipped her face in the soup. She wiped herself with her hand, then licked her fingers clean, sobbing. Jeff took his brother’s place and slammed his cock into her juicy pussy, stirring the cum that his twin left there. He had a crazed look in his eyes and grinned while pumping in and out. Kelly seemed concentrated on the soup, but Jeff could feel her pussy contracting eagerly. He slid out, stood up, and started masturbating until he came, splashing his spunk on her back. He moved aside on wobbly legs, panting. Ronnie kneeled behind the girl. He softly patted her butt, then grabbed her hips in his huge hands and started sliding his cock into her. She lapped the last soup and braced for the assault. Ronnie was big but gentle, and she arched her back and moaned when he was into the hilt. He rocked back and forth while Jeff’s cum slid down from Kelly’s back down to the floor. Kelly’s breath grew faster, and she came, shivering and moaning loudly. Ronnie, excited even further by the show of the pretty waitress hitting her orgasm, uttered aloud: “Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and then deposited his cum in her pussy.

Annie sprung up: “Please fuck me, you all!”

Everyone turned toward the brunette. They have forgotten her while Kelly was under the spotlight, but Annie had her fingers inside her unzipped jeans, and her cheeks were red.

“I’m so hot, I can’t just sit here anymore. Do me like you did her, I beg you.”

Story continues

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