I had her on her knees….we were in the woods….deep woods. her skirt was up over her waist and her panties were pulled down just abover her knees….she still had her hiking boots on. I slid myself inside her waiting pussy and just held onto her hips getting ready to plunge in deeper still.

Her head was hanging down and she was almost grunting and sighing all at once…I started to fuck her a little faster. She was my little wood nymph. My cherished one. the one I wanted to spend eternity with.

I had her hair in my fist and was holding her as I thrusted hard and deep…she was already cummming…and didn’t even ask me permission to cummm. (I saw a spanking in the works). I moved my thumb into her ass and wiggled it as i pounded her sweet, wet, tight cunt. I was pulling her back onto my cock with my thumb…

As I started to cumm myself, I slipped out and slipped into her ass. She shrieked but she loved it to….she was wiggling and grinding against me as i plunged in and out of her tight ass, then as I spurted inside her all my warmth and juices. We collapsed like that, her face down and me still inside her…throbbing….

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