When you put your submissive on a collar, without even realising you wear a collar by her name too. The collar of being her protector, her mentor, her lover and her caretaker. It’s an invisible collar which only you can feel and it’s vibes reach out to your submissive which makes her collar even more priceless and gives her a whole new experience to her submissive journey.

It’s an invisible collar which you wear on your mind that keeps you always connected and committed to her. It creates a strange affinity towards your submissive which never let her get off your mind. She becomes your priority, she becomes your responsibility and no matter how hard life is at times, this invisible collar never lets you step back from being her nearest person in life.

This invisible collar you wear on your heart, gives her a special place in your life, knowing she is not just an ordinary girl but someone who has accepted you in her process of fulfilment and completeness. It creates a strong feeling to go deep in her life and love her like no one has ever loved her before. It creates a strong urge to be that person in her life whom she would never want to lose and thus making you her dearest person in life.

Like in any relationship, D/s relationship also goes through ups and downs, where at times you might go angry on your submissive but the power of this invisible collar makes your love more intense than your anger on her and thus it helps you to be more understanding and acceptable and it reciprocates in your submissive too. It’s basically your invisible collar that connects with her collar, makes the relationship stronger and keeps both bonded together under any situation.

This invisible collar makes you stand strong as a person. It reflects your personal and holds your personality strongly to your submissive. It gives you the power to touch her most sensitive chord and tune it melodiously which she has never allowed anyone else to touch before. It gives you the strength to delve deep into her darkest part which she has always kept hidden from the rest of the world. It gives you the courage to stand by her even if she is going through her low phase of life.

Just as much as a submissive feel pride in wearing a collar in the name of their Dominant, a Dominant equally feel proud in wearing this invisible collar for his submissive

It might still be easy to remove a materialistic collar if a submissive don’t feel like wearing it for some time for some reason, but it’s never ever easy for a Dominant to remove the invisible collar that he is wearing, as it’s embedded deeply in his heart and mind and no way he can feel anything less than the person he is for his submissive.

Collar, whether materialistic or invisible, both symbolizes a deep commitment and trust. It resembles their love for their partner and their dedication to their relationship. However simple a collar the submissive might be wearing, it becomes precious with the feelings they wear it with, and whatever collar a Dominant put their submissive on, it will never fail to put an invisible collar on them too.

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