The directions She was given lead her right to their home where She sat nervously in her car after confirming with him from her cell phone that She had arrived at the correct location. Another deep breath and She started to the downstairs door that was left unlocked for her. Letting herself in, she locked the door behind her and walked down the narrow hallway and into the “play-room”. There, in the middle of the room, stood the table that She would soon be laying upon. It is foreboding demeanor at first reminded her of a sacrificial altar, although She would soon be on it as an “offering”.

Finding the downstairs bathroom, as prearranged, she took a final bathroom break and then removed all her clothing, folding them neatly and placing them inside of a box left specifically for them. Standing now completely naked in front of the mirror, she brushed the hair on her head and selfishly admired her naked body, the hair from her chest, nipples, cock & balls freshly shaved.

She stepped out of the bathroom and onto the carpeted floor, the air in the room comfortably warm against her bare skin. She walked around the room, admiring the decor having never been there before, trying to get a “feel” for the occupants of the home. Other than the table in the center of the room and some eye-hooks screwed into one of the ceiling rafters, the room was a “normal” looking and spacious living room below the main house. As also prearranged, she went about the room lighting the several vanilla scented candles left about to warmly illuminate what was soon to become her “dungeon”.

Standing now before the 8-foot-long 4-foot-high table, she admired the handiwork and forethought that had gone into its design. She placed her hand onto the surface of the table and found it to be padded under the black cloth covering that draped over it. On top of each end of the table rested thick leather cuffs that were attached to a heavy chain that ran through eye-bolts that had been screwed into the edge of the wood at each corner end of the table and then back up onto the table where they each attached to 10-pound weights that had a “slave bell” attached to each one.

The idea, she was told, was that a person could place the cuffs around their wrists and ankles and with their hands and feet, push the weights off the ends of the table. The length of the chains was such that they would not allow the weights to touch the floor, thereby holding the person on the table in a spread-eagle position, their limbs held apart and in place by the weights.

However, one could pull on the weights and raise them back up towards the table, but the eye bolts prevented the weights from reaching the top of the table, as well as pulling on a 10-pound weight with one arm or leg is straining in itself and one would soon tire of the effort. Added to the fact that, although, when placing yourself in this particular self-bondage, more particularly the wrist cuffs, once the weights were off the table, there was no way to bring the wrists back close together to unbuckle the cuffs, leaving yourself depended on someone else releasing you. A wide leather strap attached to the middle sides of the table that buckled over the spread-eagled person reduced even more of a chance to escape.

With a bit of hesitation, more-so trepidation, she climbed onto the table and positioned herself in the center where the strap would be across her belly. Leaning forward, she began to buckle the leather cuffs around her ankles, the initial coolness of the leather against her skin erotically enticing. Once secured around each ankle, she curiously lifted her feet off the table to test the restraints. The chains themselves with their heavy links clanging together emphasized the severity of the bondage that She would soon be in. She sat for a moment questioning her desire at continuing then leaned fully back onto the cloth-covered table. Reaching to each side, She took the separate parts of the belly strap into her hands and buckled them snugly together, lifted her arms above her head, reassuring herself that She could breathe, as She inhaled and felt the leather slightly resist the rising of her belly.

Reaching over her head, She grabbed onto one of the leather cuffs and buckled it around her left wrist first, then with that cuffed wrist, buckled the other cuff around her right wrist, with the reassurance in her mind that She could still release herself by holding onto both cuffs with each hand. Again, trepidation enveloped her, she lay there on the table in herself, but still escapable, bondage. Taking a deep breath, she reassessed in her mind the predicament that She was about to place herself into. She noticed that her heart was beating a bit quicker than usual, but it normally does when bondage play is involved. She lifted her head off of the table to look at her cock, which was semi-erect and laying on top of her right thigh, leaking pre-cum onto it, another normal sign of her excitement with bondage play.

She has come this far, She thought to herself, and with another but the deeper breath that pressed into the leather strap around her belly, She pushed the weight attached to her left ankle cuff off of the table. She was surprised at the amount of force that the weight pulled her ankle with, not too much to hurt, but enough to let you know that it was there. She also grinned a bit when She heard the loud tinkling of the “slave bell”. She knew that whoever was waiting for her would not show up until they had heard all 4 bells jingle, thus letting them know that She was then fully secured to the table. Pushing the second ankle weight off the table went with a bit less trepidation as it, too, pulled firmly against her while the second bell chimed away.

She paused to feel the bondage that She was in. The strap around her waist held her firmly to the table while her legs were pulled on and spread apart by the ankle cuffs/weights, thinking that this must feel what it’s like to be in traction. My hands were still together just above her head holding onto the leather cuffs with sweaty palms, a sure sign of her increasing nervousness. The belt across her belly reminded her also to slow down her nervous breathing. With one final large breath through her nose, her belly pushed firmly against the strap across it, She let go of the cuffs and with her left hand, pushed the weight attached to it off of the table. The weight fell quickly pulling the chain and her wrist with it to the upper corner of the table and came to an abrupt halt at the end, the third bell loudly ringing. By doing so, she had now just removed her last chance of any escape. With less hesitation, She pushed off the last weight with her right hand, it too, being pulled up to the other upper corner of the table, the fourth bell seeming to ring louder than the previous three.

Now She was completely helpless and dependent upon the occupants of the house to release her. Not surprisingly, she began to have second thoughts. She did not even know for certain who was in the house, let alone who would come to her, or if anyone would. Had She made a mistake? She fought the urge to panic as She felt it begin to creep into her mind. Instead, she thought of her bondage and the experience that She was soon to have. She tested her bondage and as She was told, it was inescapable. She could pull a bit on the weights but not enough to offer an escape, plus the bells would ring every time that She did. So, she lay there, spread-eagled, feeling the gradually increasing tension of the weights pulling on her outstretched limbs, the belt across her belly surprisingly adding to her immobility. She thought to herself, again, how ingenious and smiled as She reassured herself that She was going to be OK and that there was nothing to fear, except the fear that She created for herself.

Putting her self-fear aside, She relaxed into her bondage, and her predicament, as She felt her cock lift off of her leg as it swelled to full erection, leaving a spider-silk trail of pre-cum from her thigh to the leaking slit of her cock-head. She lifted her head off of the table to verify the excitement of her pulsating shaft, then placed her head back down as She deeply inhaled the soft aroma of the vanilla candles that flickered the warm glow of their soft light throughout the room.

She could do nothing now but wait…wait to be released…but the physical release is not what She desired. She was here for mental release, for only being restrained as She was, could She truly escape and let go. Only those that know, understand. My thoughts turned to fun and pleasure, not fear nor dread. She was there on the table, stretched naked and spread-eagle, just where She wanted to be. She placed herself there as if an “offering”. An offering for them but, for her too, mutually.

My thoughts quickly escaped her as She heard them coming down the stairs. My heart skipped a beat, as did her erect cock twitch in unison. Moments later, they both, were soon there with her, dressed only in ritualistic, matching loin-cloths, pulling the chains snug and connecting them securely to another set of eye-hooks lower on each corner of the table. The minimum movement that She had with the weights was replaced with no movement at all, She was now stretched tautly spread-eagle before them, her friends.

They both stood on either side of her, holding two pheasant feathers in each of their hands. The grins on their faces said it all…

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