She is kneeling at the edge of the bed, high on her knees, naked, her upper body slightly leaning away from me and her pussy towards me. My left hand is around her neck like a natural collar, my right hand rubbing her wet clit.

I kiss her right earlobe and in a stern tone, I let her know I’m going to hurt her and enjoy every mark I leave behind.

Her eyes go wide and she looks at me innocently and meekly asks “But… But… I’m a good girl… Why do you want to hurt me?”
I go from kissing her earlobe to gently biting at it and I say, “This isn’t a punishment, this is a reward. With each strike against you, it will be guided by my inner need to lead you away from the noise in your head, there will be no distractions or trouble, you will find your quiet place in the solitude of my sting. With each blow from my flogger, will be a statement of our bond, our trust, our intimate understating of each other’s needs and how we are safe to be fully exposed in the knowledge of one another, but more than just knowledge, you will find joy in my acceptance of you. Every time my hand will meet your bare bottom, will be the language of a sensual Sadist, I’ll rub, tug, push into, scratch, lightly run just the tip of my fingers right on the edge of your flesh, after I smack, slap and spank your beautiful bottom, until I lead you into that blissful realm of subspace. The moment you are on your knees, with my thick cock in your mouth and your eyes shut, I’ll pull your hair back and slap you and make your eyes look up to meet mine, not to be cruel, but because I want to look deep into you and share a moment where all shame is lost and you are honored for being the good girl that you clearly are. But while you’re down there, I’m going to lift your spirits, elevate your thoughts and let your submissive imagination be realized. I’ll stroke your hair and make sure you know how proud I am of you.

You see, I want to hurt you, tame you and use you, but this isn’t a punishment, because within all that, I want to soak you in pleasure, cover you with purpose and mark you with meaning. You see, everything I want to do to you, isn’t because you’ve been bad, it’s because you’ve been so damn good, this isn’t a punishment, this is your reward babygirl. Now come here and take your beating for your sweet Sir.”