Are you excited about tickling? Then you may be a tickle fetishist. People with a tickling fetish get excited when they are tickled, tickle themselves or watch someone get tickled. You can read in this article how this works exactly and which tools you can use.

Tickling is something you most likely already got to know as a child. Sometimes that was funny, sometimes annoying and almost always harmless. A tickle fetish goes a step further. In the fetish context, tickling can be part of foreplay, but it can also be the main part of sex. Genitals or nudity do not always have to play a role in this, but that is of course possible. Some people with a tickling fetish may come up with just tickling.

Rolling with a tickle fetish 

Tickling, seeing or performing a tickle torture is part of a tickle fetish. During a tickle torture, a distinction is made between the Dominant tickler, also known as the tickler, and the submissive ticklee. The Dominant ticklers like to be in control and watch the submissive tick reads squirm. They will feel helpless and humiliated by the agonizing tickle, but at the same time they cannot stop laughing because of a congenital reflex. The ‘tickle laughter’ may be a nerve smile, indicating submission and surrender.

Tools during a tickle torture

During the tickle torture, the focus is mainly on the feet, armpit, forearms, neck and ribs. Where the genitals and erogenous zones can also, if desired, provide the ultimate pleasure. By applying oil or lotion on the body , you can make these body parts even more sensitive during tickling. In addition, you can use tools such as a tickler to bring someone to their limits , but also long nails, brush and cotton buds can be used.

During the tickle torture, the submissive can be tied or handcuffed to intensify the experience and sense of surrender. When using an eye mask , the submissive sees nothing coming. In that case, the submissive can only wait anxiously for what to happen and is completely powerless.

Great Black Tickler
Strict Leather Velcro Blindfold

Dice game for ticklers and ticklees

Tickle torture can be performed one on one, but it can also be the case that several ticklers deal with one ticklee. As a result, countless game variants can be imagined with this fetish. For example, one of these games is the dice game. You play this game with a group of 3-6 people. The players take turns to roll the dice. The player with the lowest score is the first victim. The victim is then handcuffed and blindfolded. Each player works on a specific body part to tickle and changes places every 5 minutes. After 20 minutes, the victim is released and the dice can be rolled again.

Undergoing a Tickle Torture

A tickle fetish is often thought of as a mild form of SM. Yet this innocent-looking fetish can change from pleasant laughter to true hell in no time. Your body will defend itself in all kinds of positions to get rid of the tickler, but running away is not a possibility. At that point you are at the mercy of the tickler and you will have to undergo tickle torture. Your heart rate will rise to an unprecedented height and the tickling will become more unbearable by the minute.

Tickling will be experienced differently by everyone, for example, one skin is more sensitive than the other. There are few safety risks associated with a tickling fetish, especially since no body fluids are exchanged and you cannot get permanent scarring or damage from tickling.