She loves being tied up and blindfolded. Last night he blindfolded her and tied her with ropes to the bed. Nothing gets her pussy wetter faster than being tied, helpless, and blindfolded.

He always starts these games the same way, leaving her alone for a few minutes. She lay there tied, unable to move, unable to see what’s happening. His touch comes suddenly unexpectedly. A light soft touch is running down between her big tits and down her stomach; he must be using a feather. Another touch at her feet, maybe leather this time, tracing its way up her leg to the inside of her thigh. His tongue suddenly licks at her hard nipple, and the sensation makes her gasp in surprise and pleasure.

He continues this slow teasing for what feels like forever. His fingers and tongue on different parts of her body, teasing, touching, licking, and sucking, never in the same place or the same order. Suddenly there was nothing again. He’s being very still and quiet, and the anticipation is turning her on even more. Suddenly there’s a noise and a sharp sting. He’s popped her on the inside of her thigh with the riding crop. She feels the leathery end of it tracing up and down her leg, and She can’t wait for him to swing it again. The next sting comes in her left breast, close to the nipple. She is gasping and moaning now as he makes three more quick swats to her big tits, the last landing right on her hard-right nipple.

She feels his fingers moving up and down her wet slit, spreading the wetness around. He teases her clit, rubbing ever so lightly over it. She moans and raises her hips to encourage him, but he just keeps teasing. She feels something hard pressing against the opening to her cunt and then slides in. By the time She realized it’s a vibrating egg, he’s cranked it on full. The egg feels so good rumbling inside her pussy, and She is squeezing her cunt around it. She can feel his hot breath on her wet lips, and She begs him to eat her. She feels him getting closer, but it seems to take forever before She feels his tongue on her cunt.

He starts out doing just what She loves, his tongue starting at the bottom of her lips, and licking broadly all the way up to her clit. His hot wet tongue feels so good combined with the vibrations of the egg inside her, and her hips are moving almost on their own, rubbing her pussy against his hot mouth. It doesn’t take much of this to make her cum, and he knows it. He brings her to the edge two or three times, letting her get close to Cumming, and then turning off the egg and pulling his tongue away. Finally, he gives her cum, and the orgasm is making her moan so loud. My pussy is throbbing around the hard egg, and his tongue is working her clit relentlessly. She cum for what seems like forever before the spasms finally subside.

Now She Knows what She needs, and She is begging him for it. “Please, baby, give her your big cock.” She pleads softly. She feels him move over the bed, and soon She can feel his big cock on her face. She turns her head and greedily takes it in her mouth. She loves the feeling of his hot hard cock in her mouth. She loves how hard and soft it is at the same time, and hearing him moan as She sucks him turns her on all the more. He’s moving it in slow strokes in her mouth, and She’s trying to move her head so She can take more of its in. My tongue makes swirls around the hard shaft, and She can feel the tip all the way at the back of her throat. His dick is getting harder and hotter, and She can tell he can’t take much more of this.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth before he loses control and climbs between her legs. He slowly pulls the still vibrating egg out of her cunt and begins rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit. He starts pushing it in slowly, and She can’t help but moan as it stretches her tight little pussy. Finally, he’s all the way in, kneeling between her legs, and he puts the vibe on her clit as he begins stroking his big cock in and out of her. His strokes are long and deep, pulling his cock out almost all the way, and then back all the way until She feels the head pushing against her cervix. She’s moving her hips to match his strokes, and it doesn’t take long for the combination of his hard cock and the vibrations to make her cum again. My moans and pulsing pussy must be too much for him because as She’s Cumming, She feels his cock swell and explodes inside her. The pulsing cock and the splashes of his hot cum inside her just make her cum that much harder