The tiny cracks in her being

There are tiny cracks in her being. Some of them have been there all her life. Self-doubt, anxiety, an inability to deal with failure and other little things some might call character flaws.

She calls them cracks. She’s done a lot of work to fill up these cracks and she’s made a lot of progress. But sometimes those cracks still show themselves and she has to get back to work, filling them up.

Then she met a man. He noticed her cracks just as she did. But he didn’t judge them, because he understood her true beauty and knew how special she truly is. So on the days the cracks would show themselves, he didn’t get frustrated with her, he just filled those cracks up with his love.

She didn’t need him to complete her. She didn’t need him to save her. But she did appreciate the love and support she received and while she was managing those cracks on her own, she is grateful for the love that has helped her fill those cracks with his support.