You don’t have to be perfect or always behave. You don’t even have to always listen to everything I have to say. You don’t need to be anything except what you are, which is Daddy’s sweet princess and his shining star.

You don’t have to be a submissive in order to give me your submission. You don’t have to slave away your days just to wear this collar and chain. You can be Daddy’s little slut and still be my sweet girl. Now just kneel for Daddy and do as your told and worship me as if I was your whole world.

Daddy loves his sweet princess with all of his heart. But if you really want to be Daddy’s sweet girl, you’ll need to undress, so we can start your training and progress. Because Daddy’s going to whip you into his favorite toy and you’ll beg to be his sweet girl because serving me brings you joy.

Now do as your told and serve me true, because there is no greater love between a Daddy and his sweet girl and that holds true for the love between me and you.