To Catch Your Woman

I believe a man waits patiently.. Recognizing you’re his.. Maybe long time before she realize it herself 🙂

Under no conditions I will ever be any screaming, angry outburst, nor will I ever be spank a woman in anger. When I get to the point that anger and frustration become that strong, it’s time to walk away for a bit. I believe spanking a should create an erotic experience for her. All of that speaks to the confidence one has with their relationship with a woman.

If you want to be able to catch your woman, you will have to convince her that being caught doesn’t always lead to discomfort or work. You’ll do this by spending time with her that doesn’t involve any of what it perceives as negative experiences. If your she approaches you, don’t reach out and try to catch her. Just let her approach, perhaps touch you, and then you walk away.

Don’t let her walk away from you. You always want to be the final decision-maker in any exchange with her. Several brief visits a day will be more effective than the occasional long visit.

A woman will test his limits, almost on a daily basis and if they find a weakness in him, they will take advantage.

All of that speaks to the trust one has with their relationship with a woman. Absolutely she can be your best friend, but she also needs to know that you are her leader and that you will protect her. You are her alpha, the leader of her herd. Show that, be that, feel that, and you have a relationship that goes beyond any measure.