I like to overpower you. To hold you in place with nothing more than my hands gripping you and my weight pushing down upon you. To feel you struggle, only for you to realize you’re completely helpless. To watch you squim knowing there’s absolutely nothing you could do to stop me from having my way with you, even if you wanted to.

I like to overpower you. To flip you on your stomach and remove your panties in an instant when you’ve said something sassy to me. To hold you down as I spank that attitude right out of you. To hear you whimper with regret, even though it makes your pussy wet like little else can.

I like to overpower you. To make you kneel before me and beg for me to use you. To allow you the pleasure of being my pleasing pet and know that I could overpower you at any moment. It’s a thrill for us both and something I treasure as much as I treasure you.