She doesn’t want one thing. She wants different things at different times. Sometimes she just wants you to listen. Sometimes she just wants a cock or ball gag shoved in her mouth to where she can’t speak. Sometimes she just wants to be tied up and fucked like there’s no tomorrow. But no matter what she may want, most of all what she wants is to know that you want her. That you value your time together and that you know how to let what you want and feel be known by your words as well as your actions.

She enjoys being treated like a princess and cared for like the special little girl she is. She enjoys being taken and fucked like an animal and made to feel owned like the sex kitten she craves to be. She enjoys being dominated to the point where submission is the only choice and she wants nothing more but to surrender to your every wish.

She wants to give you all of that and so much more, but she wants to know that you want it from her as much as she wants to give you every part of her being and learn how to trust you with her heart, body and mind and let you own her completely.