Trust is the foundation of not just a healthy relationship, but peace itself. When we trust in our selves and our circumstances that things are going to work out, that brings a great calm over us. The absence of said trust brings stress and anxiety. In a relationship, trust is the backbone that will support all the emotional weight placed upon the relationship. Without a deep belief that you and your partner will honor, protect and love one another in every sense, then the whole relationship crumbles. In a D/s relationship, trust is the essence and what makes the relationship both thrilling and very deeply emotional. For when you take the responsibility of another’s person well being and mental and sexual satisfaction into your hands, you must have a lot of trust in each other to make that dynamic work. Neither the Dom or Sub could go into the deepest parts of themselves, without a trust that where they are going, is a safe place because they are going together.

If You have trust issues. With life, with yourself and with your man. Mainly because You have been lied to in the pass, cheated on, deceived and abandoned. So You get great bouts of anxiety at times and often feel ashamed for it. If you have the greatest man. Yet, at times You still question my trust for him , not because of anything he has done per se, but because of your past experiences deserves better than that and You deserve to regain your confidence and not be insecure at times. While nobody can be strong all the time, You just have to learn to be stronger than You have been during my times of doubt.