Having someone submit to you is a beautiful thing, and it’s uniquely beautiful with each sub, the path changes as you experience new things together and this can be just as exciting for the dominant as it is for the submissive. The thing that makes it unique is not that it’s a different person, it’s that you’ve taken the time to understand this subs journey, to understand them as a person, to understand their life experiences and what has led them to you.

Dominance is not about having a few tricks to select from that make you feel in control, it’s about you and your sub gelling together and learning the intricate details of each other, to reach a point where you can feel what the other feels and you’re connected to each other. When you reach that point, the physical experiences become so much more fulfilling, they are free from doubt and uncertainty and you know you will never push her too far because her feelings are your feelings, you understand her and you aren’t going to hurt her.