The plane landed on the runway at a quarter past one on a hot Friday afternoon. Through the PA system inside the airport came the announcement of the flight’s arrival. Several people who were there waiting for such a flight stood up from where they’d been sitting for quite some time now inside the large airport lounge, their faces expectant and happy that their waiting was almost at an end.

One of these people was a white couple called Roger and Mia Thorin. They were middle-aged, with Roger in his early-forties while Mia was in her late thirties. They had been waiting here for almost an hour, waiting for a visiting friend who’s presence they’d been most expectant of. They had practically stayed awake the previous night just waiting for the morning to arrive, and now here it was. The moment they’d both been waiting for. Although age was telling on her, Mia still bore much of the prettiness she’d had while back in college when she’d hooked up with Roger during her freshman year. Her arms were a little flabby, and so where her thighs and her breasts, which looked like a pair of water-filled balloons in her blouse. Her hair was light brown; it matched with her skin’s porcelain complexion. She was wearing a brown-colored blouse and cotton skirt. Roger had a slender frame. His features were rosy, and his hair sandy-colored. He wore a striped shirt with the sleeves folded up to his elbows, showing a mass of hair that was like a grass carpet on his arms, and a pair of blue jeans. They’d been married for almost twenty years and had two kids, both of whom were now in college, far away from home at the moment.

“Do you think he’ll be on board the plane?” Mia asked her husband, who then laughed.

“Don’t be silly, darling. He called saying he would be on this flight, and I know he will. Pick up the cardboard; let’s go meet him.”

Already a small crowd was gathering at the concourse entrance waiting for the incoming arrivals to appear. Mia and Roger became one with them. Mia had wide cardboard in her hand with the name MELVIN written in dark bold letters on it. The moment the arriving people began walking towards the concourse, she held her cardboard high above her head while her husband scanned the oncoming crowd of faces entering the airport with their luggage in hand, fighting to push several persons from blocking their view.

People came and went past them with neither giving them much of a glance. Still, they waited patiently. Minutes later, Roger called to his wife that he thinks he’s sighted him. Mia tried scanning the faces while still holding up the cardboard. Seconds later, they were joined by a tall, handsome black man wearing a yellow shirt, black jacket, and matching pants, carrying a knapsack bag over his shoulder. The couple recognized him instantly as they’d shared pictures and traded emails with him for more than two weeks now. He was still new in the country, having traveled from Nigeria. He was here for a book tour to promote his latest erotic novel, and during his correspondence with Roger and Mia, he’d talked about stopping by to visit them first before he went about his other pressing business. Roger and his wife were both in awe of having him in their presence, especially camping him under their roof.

A few steps from meeting them, Mia left her husband’s side, dropping down the cardboard and hugged Melvin. Roger came forward too and shook his hand, enquired how his flight had been and helped himself to one of his bags. Then together, the three of them turned to leave the scene. Roger led the way outside the airport building towards the ample parking space where he’d left their ride. Mia came along with Melvin, still keeping her arm around him as if she were afraid, he would turn and head back into the airport and get on another flight. Melvin stowed his large bag in the truck along with the other one Roger was with, and he and Mia got into the back seat of the car while Roger got into the front and became their designated chauffeur.

“Would you like us to get home soon?” he half turned in his seat and asked Melvin, who was already playing with Mia.

“Nah,” he said. “Take us home, but first drive around for a little bit. I’d like to see a little of the city.”

“I like the sound of that,” Mia cooed as Melvin’s hand started rubbing her belly region under her blouse.

Roger started the car, reversed out of the parking lot, and then drove out of the airport’s compound and into the city. He drove along the city highway across the bridge and threw glances at what was happening in his back seat from the rear-view mirror.

Melvin was leaning against Mia with his head covering her face, but the way Mia had her hand around the back of his head, it was obvious they were kissing. Melvin caressed her arm and breasts and then went down to the side of her leg. He touched her meaty thigh while their lips remained locked on each other’s lips. His hand came back up and pushed her right breasts out the side of her blouse. His lips left hers then came and gummed themselves on her right tit. Mia caressed his head and moaned as he went on sucking her. His hand returned downward and felt between her parted legs. His fingers pushed the fabric of her panties aside and reached further into her love next. Mia’s moaned shifted into high gear as he fingered her cunt at the same time bit down on her nipple. Roger’s eyes kept returning to the activities ongoing in the back of his car. His cock was fighting to be let loose from inside his jeans, and when he found himself stuck in momentary traffic, he quickly unbuttons his jeans and frees his cock, stroking pre-cum out of it while he kept returning his eyes to the back seat.

Melvin had departed from her right breast and was now feasting on her left though his hand remained locked inside her skirt, fiddling with her knob. Mia was squirming as if she were on fire. The more he bit off her tit and finger-fucked her, it all seemed to drive her up the wall towards an impending climax. Her moment came not long after as Roger drove over a bump, turning away from the center of the city and taking a longer, more scenic route towards their home.

Melvin pulled his wet finger out of her cunt and gave it to her to suck clean. Mia did just that then said it was her turn to see more of him. Melvin sat back and allowed her free reign to undo the buckle of his belt and pull down on his pants zipper. Roger’s eyes went back and forth from the road to where Mia’s hand was entering inside his pants. Her eyes widened, and she gushed with delight when she unearthed his erect cock from inside his pants. She brought her face close to it, smiling at her husband’s reflection in the mirror.

“Honey, look at this!” she cooed with delightfully. “I’ll bet even you would love to get your lips on this black cock!”

Roger glanced at them in the mirror, saw Melvin’s erect prick dangling to attention in his wife’s hand, and licked his tongue around his lips. He’d never seen anything more beautiful than the sight of such a lovely cock. Too bad he couldn’t pull off the road and come to the backseat and join them; his wife was going to first him in having all the fun.

Mia’s eyes returned to the thick cock in her hand, and her mouth inched open and swallowed Melvin’s shaft. She knelt on the seat and stroked his cock repeatedly while she went on sucking the tip of his cock, widening her mouth further to consume more of him. Melvin stretched his hand over her back and resumed slipping his finger into her cunt, moaning as she began sucking him earnestly. Roger kept his hands on the wheel, but now and then, he grasped his cock with one and stroked as fast as he could before returning the hand to the steering wheel. He heard Melvin’s moans become loud and looked at them through the mirror the moment he announced he was about to cum. Mia kept her mouth planted on his cock, sucking him faster. Melvin grunted and pressed her head down on him as he soon filled her mouth with his load of semen. Mia grunted in her throat as his semen filled her mouth. Some of it slipped off her lips, but she continued swallowing much of him till he was done with his off-loading. She licked every semen drop off his shaft, and when she was done, gave his cock a smooching kiss then returned it into his pants. She sat up next to him and straightened out her dress. Her hand went to touch the bulge in his crotch. The look of desire in her eyes was all for him.

“Let’s go home, honey,” she said to her husband. “I can’t wait to see what Melvin can do for us.”

“I too can’t wait,” Melvin replied with a laugh.

Roger forgot about the pressing needs of his cock and put the car in gear, and drove for home.

Thirteen minutes later and Roger drove through the gardened driveway of their suburban home and parked his car inside the garage. The garage’s door came down automatically, and then they got out. Roger mentioned to Melvin that their neighbors were a lot of degenerate snoopers who love nothing more than looking for an opportunity of spying into anybody’s window if they suspect the person up to some hanky-panky. Mia took her lover’s hand and guided him into the house, told him that Roger would see to his bags, that for now, she wanted to see how well he could use that black prick of his.

They entered the house and went up the stairs to their master bedroom. She opened the door, and they went inside, and she turned around and immediately went to kiss him again. Melvin grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace. His hands immediately explored her body, squeezing her tits, and groping her ass while he thrust his tongue into her mouth. She groaned as his hands nearly ripped her blouse off her body to grab her tits. She bent halfway as he lowered his head and hungrily feasted on her tits while his hands went on, groping her ass under her skirt. Mia’s hand searched for his cock and tugged at his erection inside his pants. Roger came into the room, trailing his bags behind. He ogled the both of them; Mia smiled and winked at him over Melvin’s shoulder.

They went to bed. Mia fell on it and removed the remainder of her blouse while Melvin kicked off his shoes. She was about taking off her skirt, but Melvin told her to stop.

“Let Roger come and get those off you,” he said, then turned to Roger and instructed him what to do.

Roger approached the bed, and Mia fell on her back, raising her feet for her husband. Roger grasped the hem of her skirt and pulled it off her legs. Melvin told him to get her pussy wet for him while he busied himself, taking off his clothes. Mia spread her ample thighs and rubbed her hand over her gaping pussy for her husband to see, loving the sight of him, licking his lips like he was hungry for his steady meal.

“Come here, darling,” Mia grinned at him. “Come get yourself some piece of this cookie.”

Roger inched forward on his knees and brought his lips to his wife’s pussy. Mia held her legs backward with both arms and threw her head back and sighed with a moan as her husband’s probing tongue took effect on her. Melvin, by now, had finished taking off his clothes and came over on top of the bed, his cock dangling some inches from her face. He held up Mia’s head and guided her mouth towards his cock, which she accepted willingly. He leaned over her face, thrusting the length of his cock down her throat, hearing her gag from it. Saliva spilled off her mouth as she swallowed more inches of him. It was a struggle for her to keep from holding back her moans while pleasuring her black lover at the same time.

“Yeah … eat that dick!” Melvin growled down at her. “Eat all of that black dick, you slut! This is what you’ve been waiting for, well, here it is!”

Tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks as she kept on being punished with his cock fucking her mouth. When Melvin felt he’d had enough, he pulled out of her and stood up from the bed.

“Alright, Roger,” he tapped her husband’s shoulder. “It’s enough of that for now. Time for the main event!”

Roger got out of his way, and he shook all over with feverish excitement as he watched what was about to happen while at the same time his fingers fumbled with his shirt buttons to get himself out of his clothes. Melvin kneeled on the same spot where he’d just vacated, stroking his erection before him. He beat the head of his cock against Mia’s labia, making her groan with anticipation, teasing her. His pre-cum mixed with her pouring juice. Done with that, he slid the head of his cock inside her, inch by inch. Mia gulped in air and shut her eyes, moaning through her teeth as his thick shaft invaded her privacy.

Her head fell backward, and she whimpered out: “Ohh, God! That’s a fucking cuck!”

Melvin thrust much of the length of his cock inside her, and when he pulled back, his shaft was nearly coated with her cum juice. Into her again slowly, he slid his cock, grunting as he did, each time Mia hollered like she was on fire. Melvin pressed the under of her legs backward over her head and inched forward to pile-drive his cock more and more into her pussy. Roger, now free from the constraints of his clothes, stood beside them, watching. His eyes tried to capture everything that was before him: the way Melvin slid his cock in and out of his wife’s pussy as if it were knife going through butter the way Mia gripped the bedsheets and her face squeezed with ecstasy and pain as her lover fucked her some more. The way Melvin’s muscles, especially those of his ass contracted each time he drove his manhood inside her and the paintwork of her pussy juice all over his cock, and the rest of it staining the sheets. Roger hands his cock in his hand, and he was panting with excitement as he stroked himself towards his climax.

“Gimme all that cock, babe!” Mia squealed. “Ohh, fuck! Give it to me more!”

Melvin came and leaned over her, balancing his arms beside her on the bed, and drove his shaft deeper and deeper into Roger’s wife’s pussy. There was the sound of his thighs slapping against hers. Mia encircled her legs behind his back, pulling him further down on him. Out of her lips flew gibberish mixed with curse words. Roger knew she was in a different world now. One that he knew he would hardly ever be able to take her into. Her love pulled out of her, and she lay there, panting like a hungry dog. Melvin’s face was dotted with sweat. He turned to Roger and snarled: “Well, what the fuck are you waiting for, white boy? Get over here and do what you’re meant to do!” he pointed at his erect cock, still dripping with Mia’s cum.

Roger came before him, fell to his knees and took the black bulls’ cock into his mouth and began to suck him. He licked his wife’s pussy juice off his shaft, enjoying the taste of her sweetness at the same time relishing the fluffer work he was performing. Melvin grabbed the sides of his head to remain still and began thrusting his cock in and out of Roger’s mouth hard and fast. He remained like that, taking the bull’s shaft down his throat. When Melvin finally let go of his head, Roger resumed his work of cleaning his shaft and sucking his balls too.

“Yeah, that’s enough,” Melvin pushed him away from his cock. “That’s enough clean-up, white boy. Stick around, and I’ll have more for you later on.”

“Yes, sir, I will.” Roger came back to his knees like a dutiful servant.

Melvin turned Mia over on her arms and knees, with her ass sticking out behind her. He slapped each of her ass cheeks before reinserting his cock into her cunt. Her pussy gave a farting noise as he thrust his shaft deep into her. Within seconds he was grabbing a handful of her hair and banging his cock into her. Mia moaned on and on from the contact. Melvin fucked her hard and rough, slapping her ass cheeks now and then till her bum glowed red. She too slammed her ass back at him. Melvin came on top of the bed, reached a hand between her legs, and rubbed at her clit region. This started a chain reaction rolling inside her Mia, and it wasn’t long before she felt rolling steam inside her body and cried out that she was Cumming.

Melvin was still fucking her even after she’d slumped face down on the bed. He, too, was gasping with a hungry animal now. His face contorted in a grimace as he turned to look at Roger insolently while he still went on fucking Mia.

“I have to tell you two things, white boy,” he said. “I love fucking bareback, and also, I always cum inside the women I screw. Your wife’s going to have a womb-full of my seed before I leave your home!”

Roger had nothing to say to this; there wasn’t even anything he could do about it. He’d accepted his fate in such and knew whatever the black bull desired, and it was his for the taking. He went on watching them fuck, stroking his cock in rhythm with his wife’s hollering yelps. He was breathing heavily, and a minute later, he gasped when he ejaculated his cum over the carpet. At about the same time he was catching his breath, Melvin gave one massive thrust into Mia’s cunt and remained like that over her, grunting with each breath as he poured his batch of seed inside her pussy. Mia felt as if she was being torn in two. Her body tensed up as she felt the roar of his cum flood into her womb. It was a good thing she’d begun taking her birth control pills a week earlier.

She lay there on the bed, spent. A river of cream pie cum slowly dripped out of her cunt. Melvin got up from her, still gasping from the exercise he’d just undergone. Roger was waiting for him. He came towards him on his knees and licked his tongue over the black bull’s cock. He held his shaft with both hands and took his prick into his mouth, cleaning its surface of his wife’s essence. His hand went on playing with his cock as he pleasured Melvin. When he’d sucked his prick enough, Melvin directed him towards Mia. Roger went to bed and turned his wife over to lie on her back. He inched his face towards her wet-stained pussy, which now resembled a crater as seen on the moon; her lover’s semen was still pouring out of her. Roger lowered his face between her legs and went about lapping on her pussy.

“Ahh… yes, darling,” she moaned tiredly. She ran her fingers through her husband’s hair as he kept on cleaning her pussy walls with his tongue. “You always are a good eater when it comes to my pussy.”

Melvin grabbed a towel from a rack and turned and left the room. He tried a door outside the corridor, beside the master bedroom, and found it to be their bathroom toilet. He went inside to clean off refreshed for the day. Mia held her husband’s head down on her pussy, and Roger kept slurping on her till she began whimpering again. Her body shook, and she panted that she was Cumming again. Roger buried his tongue and lips down in her pussy, licking and nibbling his tongue frantically on the tiny bud that was her clitoris. Mia’s body rose and fell on the bed, her panting increased, and not long she had another orgasm. Only then did she let her husband off the hook. Roger came up on the bed and wrapped his arm protectively around her. They shared a kiss.

“I love you,” she whispered at him. “I’m glad he’s here with us.”

“Yes, I’m glad and happy too.”

“How long do you think he’ll want to be here?”

“I don’t know. I’ll ask him later.”

“Four days,” said Melvin. Mai and the roger turned to see him enter the room, cleaning his naked self with the towel. Their eyes went to his cock, which dangled lifelessly between his thighs, looking like a thick rope. “That’s all I can stay for now. I have a lot of stuff to get done in New York, and I even should be there by now instead of being this far out west.”

“Still, we’re happy to have you,” said Mia. “We almost thought you wouldn’t make it if you hadn’t called last night saying you would.”

He smiled. “It’s never an easy thing for me to make a promise. Once I make one, I always try to keep it. But that’s for another time. Right now, I’m hungry.”