The Dominant should be in control of himself first and foremost!

  1. He is confident, caring and understanding.
  1. He does not allow ego to get in the way of learning, both about himself and his submissive.
  1. He knows how to love, And how to cherish the gift given to him.
  1. When the Dominant meets a new submissive, he is kind and guiding without demanding ritual of her.
  1. He does not demand respect, he earns it.
  1. He explores her mind first, learning her strengths.
  1. He does not seek to seduce her , but gets to know her as a person first, building a relationship, slowly discovering if there is to be one.
  1. If he is a good Dominant he does not do this to gain another. submissive, but only because he is able to befriend someone, without the trappings of sexuality.
  1. He is not a predator, but a teacher, willing to pass his knowledge with little or no reward, but the pleasure of knowing he can, and the satisfaction of helping someone define their own path.
  1. If the time comes when she offers herself to His service, The Dominant is the first to question her decision, to ask her to look into herself and discover if He is what she really wants.
  1. He is the first to mention Safety, and to tell her to seek more.
  1. He supports safe calls and public meetings first, her safety is foremost in His mind at this beginning.
  1. If He decides to take the submissive into service, he is the first to mention negotiation, to offer his own personal information.
  1. He realizes the danger she could be placed in the wrong hands, and seeks to Guide her in protecting herself.
  1. He does not dismiss her worries, for he knows her risks are all to real.
  1. He knows his safety also depends on Honesty, on communication.
  1. He is at first only as protective of himself he needs to need be, but open and Honest about his life, tastes, what he expects.
  1. He knows that she will be taking a leap of faith, and is supportive of her.
  1. To possess her he Knows he must first earns her respect.To do this, He must prove he is what he says he is, that he cares for her, that he would push her limits only to build her strengths, that he is willing to spend the time to learn her as a Person first, then as a submissive.
  1. He knows how wonderful this gift is that she offers, and is willing to live up to her trust in him.
  1. To this end , He talks with her , learning her secret needs and desires, and in turn expressing his own, always ready to affirm her worth, to him ,and to herself , increasing her confidence in herself, and in the gift she gives, gently pushing her limits to show her she can be more than she feels she is, that she can go farther than she ever thought possible, Slowly opening the flower of her submission ,coaxing her passion for him into full bloom.
  1. If she lacks self esteem he shows her he respects her, and finds her worthy of his time.
  1. He shows her she has beauty in his eyes, thus she is beautiful.
  1. He focuses on her strengths, to show her of her own power.
  1. He softly explains that the gift she gives is the most wonderful gift of all, Herself.
  1. He takes the time to learn her Soul, before thinking of learning her body, as the Dominant learns his new submissive, a connection takes place allowing Him to sense her desires, her needs, her passions. With this new knowledge, the Dominant is able to take his Submissive to new heights of pleasure, to guide her and walk with her as together they seek new levels of love and fulfillment.
  1. In taking a submissive into his service the Dominant takes on many responsibilities.
  1. He pledges to help guide her in her path, not only in the bedroom, but in life.
  1. He pledges to be there for her when she needs Him, to care for her, ease her pain when she is depressed, comfort her when she is ill, assist her in overcoming her fears and worries, to hold and love her when she needs affection.