Most of you will already be familiar with toggles. Gags are used to silence the sub and thus exert power. However, there are a lot of different gags available. High time to explain the differences!

Different types of toggles


The classic ballgag consists of a strap that goes around the head and a ball that is placed in the mouth. This makes it almost impossible for the wearer to make noise and he or she will drool in no time. You have ball gags where the ball has a number of holes, making breathing through the mouth easier. Other ball gags have a closed ball that allows the submissive to breathe only through her or his nose.

Bit gag

A bit gag has an elongated rod instead of a ball in which the submissive can sink her teeth. With a bit of gag it is still possible for the submissive to make a sound. For this reason, this type of ball gag is very popular with people who practice puppy or pony play. Some gags indeed look like a bit that horses have in them, and other gags have the shape of a bone, for example.

Open toggle

An open design toggle, also known as a mouth spreader, often consists of an open ring that ensures that the mouth is held open. This offers various options. For example, it is possible for the Dominant to penetrate through the ring. Gags with an open design are also very popular because they do not stop saliva. This will cause the sub to drool over time. This is generally experienced as very exciting by the Dominant. This is mainly due to the humiliated aspect.

Double ballgag

Do you ever play a game with more than two people? Then a double ballgag might be a nice toy to have in your redroom. A double ballgag is meant to be carried by two people at the same time. Both carriers share one ball, which is equipped with various air holes so that breathing is still possible. The straps of the ballgag are adjustable, so you can always fit the toy.

Gags with sex toys

With a number of gags you have slightly more options than with a standard ball gag. For example, a number of toggles are equipped with sex toys. The most famous example is perhaps the gag with a dildo. This makes it possible to penetrate the partner / Dominant. It is also possible to choose a toggle with butt plug. This puts you as a submissive attached to the butt of the leading partner, which makes the game even more humiliating.

Other examples include gags equipped with an eye mask , which not only frees you from your ability to speak, but also your sight. This means you are even more at the mercy of the Dominant’s wishes and actions. In addition, toggles are available with nipple clamps to create additional sensations in the submissive.