She asked : “What is it you want to do to me.”

I replied :

“I want to push into your body in a graceful manner and move us slowly, intertwined like two dancers lost in a tango and guide you against the wall where I push into you further, deeper. I want to grab your wrist and place them above your head and hold them, pressed tightly against one another with just my right hand. With my left hand, I will explore your body, groping and surveying your fleshly, sensational landscape through touch. Mapping out your moans so I can string them together to create a lovely sonnet later on.

I want to whisper in your ear, what I’m going to do to you in my natural dominant tone, my words will suffocate your nervousness and you’ll find yourself drifting into an obedient frame of mind. You’ll whisper yes sir, as if it was the only thing that could have possibly been said. You will try to grind against me as I’m still pushed into you, but I’ll make you squirm even more, when I decide to pull your hair back to expose your neck and I’ll gently bite into your nakedness, leaving my mark without breaking the skin.

I want to cover you with my energy, trap you in my commands, hurt you with my stingy touch and bite you in places, you’ve yet to be bitten. I’m going to do all of that and make you cum repeatedly through out the course of our encounter, until you’re so limp and out of it, I will be forced to lay you gently on your pillows and kiss your back with my soft lips as I pet you to sleep. I’ll whisper Goodnight beautiful, right before you drift off and you’ll feel blissful like I just delivered the sweetest kiss to you, that you’ve ever tasted upon your restless thoughts. You will be happy, calmed and embrace sleep quietly like the precious babygirl I know you to be.

That’s what I plan on doing to you. Any questions? “