What is cuckolding? What is a cuckold? Why would anyone be interested in being a cuck?

Those are big questions many people have when they hear about the cuckolding fetish.

In fact, Google searches of cuckold have increased dramatically over the past decade.

Let’s define cuckold first. Cuckolding (or cuckoldry) is when a married woman sleeps with another man with the explicit consent of her husband.

Now, for simplicity sake, I used married woman. But it could also be a girlfriend who sleeps with another man who isn’t her boyfriend.

Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Cuckold definitions
Now before we discuss cuckolding further, there are probably some terms you need to learn first. This is a really big subculture of the fetish world.

Hotwife: The traditional sense of the word is a married woman who sleeps with another man.

Cuckold/cuck: A cuckold (or cuck) for short is a man who enjoys watching his wife sleep with another man.

Bull/lover: This is the man the married woman sleeps with. He is usually referred to as a “bull”.

Why is cuckolding appealing?
So why in the world is cuckold appealing? It sounds kind of crazy, right?

Well, cuckolding has a lot of appeal for both partners.

Let’s start off with the man. Usually a man with a cuckolding fetish is either naturally submissive or dominant.

Naturally submissive men love to be dominated (obviously).

Most cuckold marriages actually arise from a female led relationship where the woman is in charge.

Cuckolding is just an extension of that transfer of power.

The other man who loves cuckolding is one who is naturally dominant. He might be in a position of power in other aspects of his life. And you know what? That gets tiring fast (being the boss all the time).

Sometime it’s just nice to be in the backseat once in a while…to be told what to do.

And I guess there’s a third option too. Both groups of guys (the naturally submissive and dominant) just like cuckolding. It’s a fetish that they are born with. It’s like being born straight vs. gay–you can’t help it.

Let’s talk more about what exactly makes cuckolding appealing (it is primarily the humiliation).
Guys really get off at knowing they’re not enough or their wife…that another man needs to satisfy her….or they really love seeing someone else fuck her.

Is cuckold cheating?
While they seem similar, cuckolding IS NOT cheating on someone.

Cheating or infidelity is when a woman (or man) has a relationship behind his/her partner’s back. It involves sneaking around and lies.

Cuckolding is the exact opposite. Cuckolding is all about openness and honesty.

In a true cuckold relationship, the wife has the explicit consent of her husband to sleep with another man.

Now, some people do love a “forced” cuckold scenario, but that’s just a fantasy and not actually what is going on.

Cuckolding vs. Swingers
While cuckolding and swinging are similar, they are not the same.

Let’s define both words first. A cuckold is a guy who has an unfaithful wife. A cuckold generally likes to watch his wife sleep with another woman.

In contrast, swinging is a more comprehensive sexual experience with both partners.With swingers, both spouses are free to sleep with other people (often at the same time). With cuckolding, the husband remains faithful while the wife explores.

Both are different fetishes, but whatever rocks your boat!

Cuckold Activities
The great thing about cuckolding is there is a wide array of activities to really spice up your sex life.

Here are some ideas:

Interracial or not: Some couples really love interracial cuckolding. The most popular is a white wife and a black man. This is all about the interracial domination.

The wife needs a real man…one with a big black cock (BBC) to really satisfy her.

Creampies: Creampies aren’t for everyone. A creampie is when a bull cums in the woman.

Usually the husband cleans it up. This feeds on the humiliation aspect of the fetish. As a side note: always wear protection when you’re playing with strangers!

Watch? Believe it or not, but not all husbands are into watching their wives get fucked.
Sometimes, they just love hearing about it or they just want to know she is sleeping around. That’s fine and if that works for you, great.

Cuckolding should be tailored to your specific marriage. Don’t bend something just to make it fit some crude definition!

Cuckolding can be a really magical and intimate experience between a husband and wife.

However, it does require a lot of work and trust with both spouses.

Cuckold ♠♠♠