What is Squirting?

Squirting. You’ve either heard about, seen it on a porn video, or have had a partner that works relentlessly to make it happen to no avail. The elusive clear and mysterious liquid that females purge during intense orgasms. Is it pee? Is it real? Can everyone do it? So many unanswered questions. Until now! Let’s take a closer look and answer the question, what is squirting?

What Makes You Squirt?

If you’ve ever squirted or made someone squirt, you may have wondered what the fuck just happened? Did I just pee? If you were embarrassed, don’t be! Squirting is something that happens thanks to G_Sport stimulation. But we must first understand exactly where and what the G-spot is.

The female G-spot is more than just one spot in your vagina and actually encompasses the clitoris, urethra, and the front wall of your vagina. If you paid attention in science class, you know that the urethra is connected to your bladder and is responsible for releasing urine (see where we’re going with this?).

So, when your partner or you are stimulating your G-spot, a lot of things are happening. Your vaginal tissues are swelling and pushing forward, applying pressure to the urethra. When the angle between the urethra and bladder shift, it actually makes it easier to pee.

The act of having an orgasm relaxes your body and muscles. The simultaneous sensation of relaxation and arousal plus the shift in the internal walls causes some females to squirt.

Yes, It’s Pee

Yep, squirting is essentially pee. It comes from the bladder and one study actually proved this. Volunteers (who have successfully squirted in the past) were asked to empty their bladder. They were then given an ultrasound prior to arousal.

Once they were aroused, another ultrasound was performed, showing the bladder had filled slightly with liquid. The volunteer was then made to orgasm and squirt. A final ultrasound was performed where the bladder was once again, empty. Coincidence? I think not.

So the truth is, as unglamorous as it may be, squirting is essentially peeing during sex. This may or may not excite your partner. Some people find it a little gross while others get turned on by the thought of arousing their partners to this point. Whatever your stance is, just know, squirting is a natural response to arousal but it’s also not a must. Many females have a completely healthy, satisfying sex life and may never squirt. And that’s okay!

Is Squirting the Same as Female Ejaculation?

Nope. These two sexual responses are completely different but often confused. When a women squirts, it comes out as a liquid. It’s almost odorless and tends to be clear versus yellow (which you’d assume it would be since it’s pee). That’s because it’s diluted urine.

The female ejaculation is a different consistency all together and is often so minimal that neither the woman nor her partner even realizes it happens. That’s because most women produce enough natural lubricant during sex that their ejaculation essentially gets mixed in.

Now, this lubricant (also known as sweating) is a hormonal response that allows for comfortable, enjoyable intercourse. Of course, if you need additional lubricant, you can purchase some.

Now, getting back to the female ejaculation. Did you know that women actually have a prostate? That’s right. Men aren’t the only ones who can experience the pleasures of prostate stimulation. And this is actually the secret behind female ejaculation.

Glands located near the urethra are known as the female prostate and when stimulated to arousal, can secrete a small amount of white, thin fluid. This, mixed with an increase and vaginal lubrication during climax can create the female ejaculation.

What if I Don’t Squirt or Ejaculate?

Every female’s body is different, unique, and beautiful. And each reacts differently to sexual stimulation. Some women enjoy rough sex while others prefer ample amounts of foreplay.

Squirting and ejaculating are simply two of the many ways a female responds to sexual arousal. Just because you don’t respond to orgasm this way doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex or experience multiple, intense orgasms.

So, now that you know what squirting is, you can relax and allow your body to experience it or stop getting hung up on the fact that you don’t squirt and just enjoy each sexual experience for what it is.