When a Dom, dominates you, they are saying they know they own you in the moment and that you’re their prized possession to protect at all cost. That they know that you will serve them true and your obedience will be rewarded, but in due time, they’ll teach you that your obedience is a reward in itself. That they are there to command you, in order for you to find solace in not having to make any decisions, except the decision to submit.

When a Dom, dominates, they expect that their orders will be followed, their desires to be met and that when they have their submissive on their knees, ready to carry out the next command from their Dom, that the exchange will bring forth a connection so beautiful and powerful, that no amount of words could capture it’s elegant essence.

When a Dom, dominates, it’s a an act of benevolence and purpose, even when it feels brutal and intense. Because the Dom has taken the time to learn their submissive in order to operate within the agreed limits and make sure that by being served, serves their submissive as well.