When she says she needs you in that low and sultry tone, it means she needs you to be present, be passionate and give her the carnal desires that she so desperately craves in the moment. To give her anything less would be unwise.

When she says, “yes sir”. She is giving you her trust, her obedience and allowing you to control her in a state of pure vulnerability, do not take those words or that responsibility lightly.

When she says, “Fuck me, Daddy”. She wants to be used and handled in a way that is both primal and caring, firm yet sensual and it leaves her laying in a puddle of her own mess, shaking and beautifully destroyed. When you have a sexy baby girl, she needs spankings and rough sex often, but she also needs gentle and meaningful lovemaking as well.

When she says, ” I love you”. She is handing you her heart every time she does. She thinks of you glowingly and the just the thought of you puts a smile on her face. You’ll see that love come to life in her actions, felt through a tangible bond and made stronger with time and a commitment to grow within that precious space. If you love her just the same, give her that or more in return and you’ll honor each other through actions that make the love real.