You know what I like, you know all of the dirty things I crave, the animalistic things I want to do to you. I know how much you love it when I decide to take control, when I grab a fistful of hair and put my hand around your throat, when I whisper in your ear all of the filthy things I’m going to do to you and give you a gentle kiss before you make me proud of what a good little girl you can be.

We feed off of each other, the growing desire and excitement, the anticipation of the physical pleasure we are about to experience, it’s like I can almost feel it already. Tasting each other, feeling each other, watching each other as we as we fulfil every one of our desires. You can’t do enough to make me proud and I couldn’t be prouder.

I love the intensity we create within each other, it’s like a fire inside of us and we are each others fuel. It gets hotter and hotter with everything we do, it amplifies our pleasure and makes everything that much sexier. It’s an intoxicating feeling where everything else seems to fall away and the only thing that matters is us in that moment.