When you kneel before me, you are saying you’re mine, but the truth that is not so visible is, I’m completely yours when you do.

When you let me put you in bondage, you are saying you trust me explicitly and with great confidence that I will not harm you in any way you wish not to be harmed, that while you are bound and unable to move, I will set free your deepest desires and they will dance together with mine to create a moment of pure sensuality and understanding.

When you let me blindfold you, you are saying you don’t need to see me to know me, for the knowledge of my being is so clear and precise, that even with your sight gone, my every detail remains lingering on your soul.

When you let me spank and beat you, you are saying that we understand each other in a way few can, that we are balancing the need for pain, from the giver to the recipient and that balancing of our dark, intimidating needs, brings us as close as two people can be.

When you give me your submission, you are saying that you love me like no else can. There are others who could kneel, that could allow my Sadistic side to be fed, they could trust freely and give without the desire to receive; but none of them would be exactly like you. I don’t just want a submissive, I only want your submission.