When you’re soft and demure and obey my every word, it leaves me feeling like your king, wanting to protect his property at all cost. When you serve me true and do exactly as you’re instructed, it makes me hard, and I want to tear into you with the full force of my passion for you. When you’re a good girl, ready to please her Daddy with all your holes and a deep desire to do everything commanded of you, it makes me proud and honored to be the Owner of such a precious pet.

When you’re a good girl, it means everything to me. My love, reverence for you, and my need to express myself through sadism and love combined soars when you’re delicate and docile. I become a tender yet tough Daddy towering over his little princess, who is being so sweet. When you’re a good girl, you’re never more beautiful, and it makes me cherish you more than anything else in existence.

When you’re a good girl, all is perfect in our world, and it makes me want to protect your precious heart with all of my beings.