Five reasons why fucking in a shower is awesome

Clean up is easy, few more minutes under the hot water and you’re golden. (Not to be confused with a golden shower).

If there are kids in the house, it might be the only safe spot that is relatively soundproof and there is a built-in explanation of why you both needed to be naked at the same time.

Watching soap run down her body, especially her beautiful big tits is sexy as fuck.

I always smell good in a shower, I can not make that guarantee any other time.

Because it’s fucking and it’s a hot shower. You are mixing two things that both rock on their own and it just makes taking a shower so much better when there are orgasms, fucking and wobbly legs involved.

Things to be aware of :

1. Don’t drop the soap

2. If you’re like me, a slippery service and weak legs after nutting can be a dangerous combination

3. If you think cum in your eyes hurt, try cum and soap in your eyes at the same time