I am a biracial Dominant Black/Spaniard man, black olive dark skin, I am passionate lover, and handsome businessman. I can seduced woman via eye contact.
Once, While at a neighborhood bar while Blond blue eye woman was eating burgers with a friend. Without saying a word, I paid the compliments, asked the questions with my expressive eyes. I didn’t move over to sit beside her and ask if I could buy her a drink until I knew the time was right. Both soft-spoken and assertive, I have impeccable manners and charm. She was kissing me in a cab 30 minutes after that drink.

Our Black skin is thick and lush, sensuous to the touch, like satin and velvet made flesh. There’s only one patch of skin on a white man’s body that remotely compares to nearly every inch of a black man’s skin.

The first time she caressed black skin, it will feel like a luxury She shouldn’t be able to afford. She will craved it more strongly than Carrie Bradshaw craved Manolo Blahnik shoes. That phrase, “Once you go black, you never go back” is all about the feeling of the skin. And She had the socially acceptable explanation for her craving.

Probably, She used that paucity-of-available-white-partners rationale to explain her relationships with black men for several years. Any white woman past forty is often passed over by her white-male contemporaries. She goes younger or ethnic or foreign-born or down the socioeconomic scale or darker or she spends lonely nights at home with her cats.

Black men are happy to give her the babe she couldn’t have when she was twentysomething and fertile. The laws of the marketplace do prevail. It’s not a woman, it’s them being the white guys who weren’t after her anymore, or so She claimed. That’s a lie. The truth is, She is attract about the same percentage of available white men her age (and far younger!) now as She did when She was thirty and that’s not including the unavailable white men who want to play around anyway.

Enough white men want her that she was hardly facing enforced celibacy, but She don’t want them. She want black men. They want her. We look at one another and exchange a visible frisson of sexual energy in the lingering glances. And their attraction is based first on race. They are not those couples who “happen to fall in love” with someone of a different race or more purposefully come together but out of some greater sense of interracial understanding and respect. Not as politically-correct men and women do they seek one another out. The Internet has made it a lot easier for them to find each other now. Men advertise: ebony seeks ivory. Women write: seeking tall, dark, and handsome. Very dark. They are not the same people who say: Race is not important. It is important to them. They have race-specific desires.

Even in a time when nearly 40 percent of single Americans have dated outside their race, that deliberate seeking of the specific other makes some people, especially black women, damned mad. She what they denigrate and castigate: white women and black men who choose one another because of they racial differences. They resent white women taking their men. Black men are two and a half times more likely to marry a white woman than a black woman is to marry a white man. Black women can point to that statistic in justifying their wrath. But in truth, black sisters, they’re after the sex, not the ringand these guys aren’t the marrying kind anyway. Yes, the sex!

The woman who goes after black men is a variant of sex journalist Susie Bright’s “white bitch in heat,” a woman who puts sex first even though women aren’t supposed to do that. According to one school of thought, white women turn to black men when their sex drives kick into higher gear and their social inhibitions recede into the rearview mirror. It’s a “yes, baby, now I’m ready for you” reaction. When we get to the “yes, baby” place, they know it, and they are ready and waiting for us.

Us Black men have more energy, style and edge than white men. We know how to flirt, a nearly lost art among the rest of us. Us black man are damned sexy because we knows how to make a woman feel sexy.

Us Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know we’Re King’s of Men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make a woman feel like a woman, both respected and desired. She can let go of her inhibitions, her need to control, when She with them.

How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too? White Woman often felt in Her White Period that only during heated sex does that little layer of air bubbles between her and the world pop and disappear, leaving her open to intimate connection. It takes a lot of friction for two white people to get that close.

Us black men, so alive with erotic electricity, cut through the bubbles with a touch, a caress, a kiss and the freedom means She can truly touch them. She like a pampered passenger in a Porsche with an expert driver at the wheel. She know she could suggest a route change, but She never really want to do that.

On the other hand, she had sex with a white man, she slogged along a bumpy road in a really old VW, the driver like the typical bumbling tv husband who would neither ask for nor accept the directions he badly needed.

Us Black men look better than white men, they touch and kiss and make love better than white men. Statistically, our penises are bigger on average, but they bigger and harder. White men over 40 have lost their waistlines and their zest for life if they ever had it. They carry resentments, grudges and extra pounds in their basketball bellies. Perhaps a good part of that bloat is unhappiness. Even the thin ones look flabby somehow and deeply aggrieved. They nurse the smallest perceived slight longer than their double shots of Scotch. Surely our culture as much as biology turns them into softer, spongier, less-interesting versions of their youthful selves just at the point where women and black men and other minorities are emerging strong. Society overvalues the white man, leaving him angry and bitter when he realizes, around age 40, that he’s not all that.