Her eyes were filled with a fragile sense of honesty that the words from her lips exposed the naked truth of her soul. She was a girl in love with a boy and just needed a moment of reassurance.

Her – Will you always see me the same?

Her eyes glossed over and her voice cracked when replying.

Her – What?

Me – Of course I won’t see you the same. That would mean I wasn’t looking at you any longer. That I wasn’t in awe of the woman who continues to grow. The lady who I find more beautiful with each passing day. It would mean I couldn’t see that today, you’re more than you were yesterday and definitely not exactly the same as you were years ago. I love the change, the growth and beauty you possess.

A rose is but a rose, but with time, love and care, a rose in full bloom looks different than one just growing. You’re still growing baby and I hope I get to witness you in full bloom. Because while I’ll never see you the same, I will always love you the same no matter what I see from you. Because no matter what, it’ll always be you that I love.

And with that, she hugged me tight, thankful for the reassurance we all need from time to time.