With just my voice, I can calm her, bring her to a point of submission to where my voice is everything. It carries more impact than a blow against her bare bottom, it’s more tangible than a firm grasp upon her.

With her sight Eclipsed and darkness wrapping her up in it’s tenuous, devious bleakness, she yearns for my words upon her being. With my mouth slightly touching her right earlobe, I speak with an authority as if we were both born for this moment and I’m simply claiming my birthright. With a deep bass and tone that leaves no doubt, that speaks so clearly, that it’s like I’m reaching inside her and trapping her soul in bondage. Not with threats or fear, but with a commanding presence, conveyed through a bellowing infliction of my speech, she cries for my attention.

She could no more disobey me then she could choose to stop breathing. She is claimed, calmed and in a state of total obedience that leaves her overwhelmed and tranquil at the same moment. It’s like being doused with hot and cold water at the same time and she is screaming for my touch in her my mind, but she knows not to utter a word.

Even in the silence, the moments between pauses, she listens to my breathing, my beating heart, my slight movements of my hands. She listens to me so intently, she almost can hear my thoughts. She wants my sweet words, to instruct her and make her mine. WIthout having to do anything except speak and allow my words to penetrate her deepest regions, she is owned and has never felt so completely at peace with that knowledge, as she is now.