Does your male partner cum too quickly or before you are ready to cum? Do you receive little or no foreplay? Are you responsible for your own orgasms? … Then, it is time for you to read “Great Sex for Women…”

Slow-Cookers vs. Micowaves: Great Sex For Women…

Understanding the Slow-Cookers Vs. Microwave Ovens of Sex:

A female friend was recently complaining to me that sex with her online dates was quite unsatisfying. The men cum too quickly and then she has to take care of herself. I pointed out that any selfish lover who is not interested in her orgasms is not worth keeping around. The situation also illustrates the common problem for many couple – mutual satisfaction.

The Kitchen Appliances of Sex:
Metaphorically, I describe women are like sexual “slow-cookers” and men are like sexual “microwave ovens”. A man can be get excited and ready for sex in mere moments at the sight of breasts or legs whereas a woman need hours – days of anticipation, preparation and romance to become mental arousal in order to be equally as sexually aroused. Men tend to be very visually stimulated sexually and women tend to be very emotional/mentally stimulated sexually.

Serving Everything Hot on The Table:
There is a simple solution to this common sexual problem: FIRST make the slow-cooker overheat wildly THEN turn on the microwave. It seems so obvious – you BOTH are incredibly aroused in unison and your BOTH have amazing sex together. By focusing first on the arousal of the female partner both partners experience much better sex together. Voila, a true win-win solution.

Most women are capable of having 2-10 orgasms and some fortunate women, 10+ orgasms during an evening however 95% of women have no clue their body has this powerful sexual ability. Given the right mental arousal, setting and sexual technique, the sky is the limit.

The key is knowing the best time to give a woman an orgasm is right after she has just had an orgasm… After a woman achieves her first orgasm, it only gets easier and faster to make her cum and cum and cum again. Just don’t stop when you get in a rhythm. Another orgasm is just a few seconds away!!

Sadly, it is the reason why most women only experience 0-2 orgasms ever in their sex lives. Women are much more mental & emotional then physical. Whereas men are obsessed with the physical aspects of penis size, sexual performance and sexual technique; most women need more time and mental stimulation to “warm up” sexually whereas their male partner is not focused on a woman’s mental and emotional needs.

BUT sexual arousal is only 10% of the problem for women. They need their minds aroused and they emotional needs fulfilled also before they can be sexually aroused.

Romance, Foreplay & Female Orgasms have a Marketing Problem for Men

To understand men, you need first to understand what we think (or don’t think). Most men are selfishly focused on their own orgasm and all the things that support that end. They are trapped in the sexual routine they first experienced as young men – teenager sex. Most men don’t see “what is in it for them” to focus on a woman’s pleasure or arousal – The Value Proposition. So they don’t really see “The Value Proposition” or bigger picture or broader benefits to them, of things such as romance, flirting and giving lots of foreplay. However, they know they need to go through the motions in order to get sex from women but they don’t really see the inherit value of focusing on the emotional, mental and physical needs of women.

Most men can tactically see the “trees” of female needs (be clean, smell nice, dress well, buy flowers, be on time, choose someplace romantic, be attentive, kiss sensually, etc.) they need to do but cannot see the bigger picture of the “forest” of mental arousal & emotional needs. Men know we should buy flowers, dress nice and go out to dinner to get laid…. And that’s about the depth of our understanding of women… Honestly, most of us don’t really get what women want beyond this…

A New Marketing Pitch for Foreplay & Female Orgasms:

However, if we told men “Romance & Multiple Orgasms: Turning Your Wife/GF into a wild, Vixen in Bed”, you would immediate capture their attention – The value proposition or benefit to them would be very clear to men then. There is an old saying, “Appreciate the Lady in public to get the Vixen in the bedroom”. No truer words have been spoken about how women are truly wired…