There is something so powerful about the words, “You belong to me.” It means I’ve decided to keep you. That every part of you is mine, the good, the bad, the crazy. And when you’ve accepted that construct it means you’re ready to let go. It means your done with having all that pressure on your shoulders. You are my possession now, and I will take all that weight and put it on myself. In return, your body will be mine. Your mind will be mine. And you will know this is true with the way I touch you, my hands sliding over your skin like as I admire my prized possession.

Won’t that be exactly what you’ve been waiting for? You can finally lay back and trust that you will be taken care of. You can shut off all the noise of life because I’m in control. All you have to do is obey. All you have to do is follow my directions. My words will guide you out of the dark. Close your eyes, and listen. Follow me one step at a time, because I am the light.

Piece by piece, I will deconstruct you and rebuild you perfectly to suit me. And in return, you will finally have your place in the world, by my side, at my feet, in my bed. My warmth will shield you from the cold. My strength will protect you from any danger. My mind will stimulate you from my first touch until that moment where your body shakes and your scream out, “Sir, I am cumming!” This is the pact I make, owner and object. daddy and little girl. master and slave. It is not an easy road for the objects I possess. I expect total devotion. I expect absolute trust. I expect full access to everything your body has to give. This will be the life we make together, one with no limits and no rules, so let go and fall into my abyss.