She told me that the way I use my words upon her was much like a lover would use his hands. Which gave me an idea. We were platonic friends for a multitude of reasons, chemistry and attraction was not one of them.

“Do you trust me? ” I asked, wearing a devious smile.

She answered, “of course.” And I proceeded to tell her what I wanted to do. It would involve her being naked, bound, blindfolded and forced to cum. But I told her it wouldn’t cross our platonic lines, well it probably would, but not in any traditional sense, at least nothing that would erode the friendship we had proudly built. She agreed and we arranged a date at my place.

She showed up and we hugged like always, like the dear friends we are. Her soft smile, the one that no matter how many times I see, made me want to destroy and devour her in a pinpoint of passion that would be an epic destruction of both our world’s. But that wasn’t on the menu today and I always play within the guidelines.

I cooked her lunch as I told her I would. We drank beers, told jokes and even danced a little in the kitchen to some Vampire Weekend I had playing in the background.

But then it came time to play and I instructed her to get naked and go sit in a wooden chair in the middle of the room. She undressed as if it was perfectly natural to get naked for a friend who is in a state of wearing a domineering energy that is sucking any room for doubt out of the room.

She sits in the chair and is surprisingly at ease and not flustered the least bit. Oh my, how that is going to change. I bind her wrists to the arm rest and her ankles to the front legs of the chair and she is then properly blindfolded. I ask if she is comfortable and she says yes, but I can see her chest rising and falling in a more aggressive manner. She is slipping into the moment and being aroused by her new found predicament.

I take about three minutes and just walk around her in a deliberate manner that allows her to hear my footsteps, but no words are spoken.

I stop on her left side and gently blow into her ear and then tell her she is going to cum from just my words, that I won’t untie her until she does. She pulls against the rope and ask, “what if I can’t cum?” I laugh and say, “Then you’ll make a beautiful piece of furniture that I’ll get to admire on a daily basis.” She sighs and says she’s not going to be able cum without me touching her, I lean in quickly and tell her to shut the fuck up, that she wasn’t leaving until I see her body explode in a fit of passion.

The “Shut the fuck up,” was like a slap against her face and I saw her energy change. She knew I wasn’t joking and there was a stark contrast in her body language from just moments before.

Then I got on my knees and put my face close to her pussy. Each word I uttered from then on out allowed my breath to caress her clit just so. I started off with poetry of erotic desires. She was trying to push her cunt to me, getting lost in my sensual syntax. I then started in a low whisper telling her all my secret desires I’ve always had for her. Her body jerked, trying to free her self. I moved my mouth up to her stomach, across her breast, never touching her skin just letting the baritone of my voice, massage her in a deeply penetrating manner. I was inside her, twisting her desires and making them submit to my own. I was inside her thoughts, my voice was the only thing that matters. Her pussy was crying for each piece of prose I was fucking her with.

I talked and talked and talked some more. Sometimes whispering, sometimes speaking in a stern tone that was violently delivered to her exposed ears. I was owning her with each syllable of sexual acts laid out as magnificent stories.

I carried on my erotic tales of erotica, pausing, then changing the rhythm of my delivery and she was a puppet to my parables. She started to talk. A fuck here, an oh my god there. Her body was trying to stay still but I had her dancing to my songs of seduction until she finally screamed out, biting her lip and shaking in such a manner that I knew the orgasm had washed away her doubt of my persuasive prowess of proper pronunciation and sensual punctuation.

She was untied and I removed the blindfold and she looked into my eyes, they were tinted with the color of amazement.

She said “Fuck me.”

“I just did and I didn’t have to even fuck you to do it.”