When someone chooses to willfully consent to submit to you, they are saying they trust you in the most profound way possible. They are saying that you are someone worth submitting to and that they believe in you and want you to lead them. Be it in the moment or in life in general, its a gesture of beauty. There is no higher honor than whenever someone puts their well being in your hands and follows your leadership.

When someone does such a thing, it is not something done lightly or in jest. It is an act of beauty and should be honored with every decision you make for them. Be it feeding their masochism to simply allowing them to serve you in a way that makes them feel valued in their submission.

Submission is not an act of cowardice, but rather an act of strength, beauty and humility and has the possibility of crafting a bond between them and their Dominant the likes of which they have never yet known before.

When a submissive submits, they are saying they know you, respect you and want to honor you with their complete and brilliant obedience. What will you have your Dominance of them say in return?